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Posted by on Oct 29, 2012 in Holidays, New Jersey | 0 comments

Fall Carvings

Even though I DO tire of endless Facebook post about pumpkin spice lattes and ‘sweater-weather’, I love fall just as much as the next person. There is nothing quite like driving through New Jersey watching an endless parade of leaves.

My best friend’s wedding!

My friends and I try to make an annual habit of getting together to drink spiked apple cider and carve some pumpkins. We have gone twice, except for last year when they were busy gettin’ hitched!! My friends had a beautiful fall wedding one year ago yesterday, and the leaves made the perfect backdrop.

This year we made it to Schaeffer’s Farm in New Jersey, our pumpkin-picking spot! Usually we take the hay ride to pick our own pumpkins, but for fear of a muddy field, we were lazy and just picked them off the nearby patch.

Fall In New JerseyWe made sure to hit up the petting zoo though!! You can’t miss adorably baby goats and chickens!

Schaeffer Farms + pumpkin picking + fall + pumpkins carving

Schaeffer Farms + pumpkin picking + fall + pumpkins carvingThe night was perfect, we drank apple cider spiked with Caramel flavored vodka- to die for- and carved pumpkins all night!

Schaeffer Farms + pumpkin picking + fall + pumpkins carvingWe are some expert pumpkin carvers. My pumpkin, the skull, was by far the least well-carved, but I had fun!!

Schaeffer Farms + pumpkin picking + fall + pumpkins carvingFall in New Jersey is beautiful…except when there is a hurricaine! Everyone on the East Coast..stay safe today!! 

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