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Posted by on Oct 14, 2012 in Bravo, Celebrities, Featured, Hollywood, New York City, The Real Housewives, TV Shows | 0 comments

Cocktails Ever After with Bethenny Frankel

I was so excited to get a picture with Bethenny Frankel, I literally have crazy eyes. Also, she smells good!

A few months ago I scored tickets to the Cocktails Ever After Event that Bethenny Frankel was hosting during the Food and Wine Festival this past week. I did not know what to expect, the invitation was pretty vague, but I knew there would be drinking and Bethenny would be there…so it was good enough for me! The party was incredible!

I have loved Bethenny since the Real Housewives of New York City, and have since become a devotee of her spin-off shows, her books, and her soon-to-be TV talk show. I love her anything-is-possible attitude, I love how honest and hilarious she is, and most of all she is such an inspiration after building a multi-million dollar empire. Girlfriend is on fire! I had to call one of my best girlfriends Kerri to come with me because she was the person that got me watching the show!

I clean up pretty good right?

The party was from 9pm-12Am at the Dream Downtown hotel, a chic New York hotspot where most notably Lindsay Lohan was recently arrested for hitting someone with her car. The Skinnygirl team completely transformed the place and the whole room was multiple shades of red!

Drink like a lady!

There were probably about 200 people there. The bar was included in the ticket price, and of course they were only serving Skinnygirl cocktails, including the amazing recipe they concocted for that night, a delicious mix of liquor and apple cider. The bar was always bumping and the bartenders were gorgeous.

It doesn’t get any better than this.

Amongst the music and posters there were stations serving little snacks, and servers with low-calorie snacks that Bethenny had created. Most importantly, however, there were beautiful model-like men walking around with trays of Godiva truffles. Heaven. She knows how to throw a party!

I was born to walk a step and repeat.


Bethenny arrived at 9:45pm, and walked the step and repeat for pictures, as well as getting behind the DJ booth. The invite said that she would be flitting around the party mingling with everyone, and unfortunately this was not true.

Cheersing everyone at the bar…how cute is she?? Love her!

Bethenny Frankel working the bar!


Behind the velvet rope…


She got behind the bar at one point, but mostly she stayed behind a velvet-roped section that was only for her and her entourage. We all lunged over there thinking that we would get to shuffle in and take pictures or talk to her one by one, but that never happened. Every 15 minutes she would come up to the rope to say hello and take a photo, but she didn’t really get in a big conversation with anyone.

Bethenny would get up and dance if a great song came on! She was a lot of fun!

It was still cool to get a photo with her! On the one hand, I was kind of disappointed we didn’t get to really mingle with her, but on the other hand, even from behind the rope some patrons managed to get really creepy with her. I can see why she is hesitant to just walk around the crowd. While it would be easy to say she wasn’t accessible being behind that rope, she did honestly seem very nice, and like a lot of fun to be with! She is also a thousand times more pretty and glowing in person, as well as super tiny!

There was plenty of drinking, dancing, and a lot of excitement! It was an amazing New York City night that I won’t soon forget.


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