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Posted by on Oct 28, 2012 in Hollywood, Kardashians, Katy Perry | 0 comments

Celebrity Halloween Costumes 2012

It’s one of my all-time favorite posts…Celebrity Halloween Costumes is back!! So take your mind off cray cray Frankenstorm Sandy and check out what the celebs are wearing for Halloween!



That is a photo from Katy Perry’s birthday party that falls around Halloween…she looks amazing but I prefer Russell over John Mayer any day, which makes me privy to their adorable look from last year..


Much better.

For an actual Halloween party, and not her birthday, Katy Perry dressed up as Jane, the BFF of the character Daria from the 90s cartoon.

Paris Hilton Celebrity Halloween 2012 photo courtesy of Paris Hilton’s outfit literally looks like something I could buy at Hot Topic. You have access to SO MUCH MONEY, WHY WOULD YOU WEAR THIS? Amateur!

Kim Kardashian celebrity Halloween 2012

Kim looked amazing this Halloween! I love a good mermaid!

Paris should take a page out of her old friend Kim Kardashian’s book, because Kim always has a tricked out expensive look on Halloween! Kim Kardashian killed it in this mermaid look!

celebrity Halloween, Kim and KanyeKim and Kanye also went out the following night as Batman and Cat Woman. Judge me all you want, I love them together. It actually makes sense! Good for them.

photo courtesy of radaronline.netHilary Duff rocked the Day of the Dead look, a popular one this year.

Celebrity Halloween 2012 Celebrity Halloween CostumesEmma Roberts channeled her Aunt Julia’s most famous look as a hooker with a heart of gold, totally priceless!!

Kelly Osbourne as Katy Perry Halloween, Melissa Rivers as Nicki Minaj, Joan Rivers as Mariah CareyThe entire cast of Fashion Police wore costumes for this week’s episode, featuring Kelly Osbourne as Katy Perry, Joan Rivers as Mariah Carey, and Melissa Rivers as Nicki Minaj. Hilarious! Kelly made a great Katy!

The Fashion police cast always have great costumes though, check out a previous year’s!

Taylor Swift proclaimed that she was tired of girls dressing up as ‘sexy kittens’ and ‘sexy teachers’ so instead she went with Chewbacca…so that happened…Now some Instagram Faves…

Rachel Zoe Halloween 2012Rachel Zoe and Roger Berman looked FAB at a Halloween party over the weekend.

Celebrity halloween 2012, Chord Overstreet as Brad PittChord Overstreet from Glee made an IMPECCABLE Brad Pitt, I mean that is REALLY good!

Christina Aguilera Halloween 2012 What in all HELL is Christina Aguilera wearing?? Ughh. She looks terrible. Also, her boyfriend is a less-hot version of her ex-husband Jordan Bratman, and I didn’t really think that was possible…but it is.

photo courtesy of zimbio, Celebrity HalloweenRyan Seacrest and Julianne Hough made a perfect Bonnie and Clyde! I love a good Old Hollywood throwback.

Celebrity HalloweenMiley Cyrus dressed up as Nicki Minaj. Meh.

Celebrity HalloweenNeil Patrick Harris and his ADORBS family always do it up big for Halloween. Last year they were the cast of Peter Pan, and this year they were from the Wizard of Oz:

Neil Patrick Harris Halloween Costume 2012 Celebrity Halloween The cutest thing I have ever seen!!

photo courtesy of usmagazineOne of my big favorites from this year was also Ellen DeGeneres as Sofia Vergara. Hilarious!! Nobody does it like Ellen.

Happy Halloween!

It’s still early in the week so keep checking back for more great looks from this year’s Halloween! While you’re waiting be sure to check out some of the best Celebrity Halloween costumers from one of our most popular posts! 

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