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Posted by on Sep 12, 2012 in Gardens, New York City, Travel | 0 comments

The Storm King Art Center

If you get a text from me that says, “What are you up to today?” there is a solid chance I’m trying to A.) Invite you to do something or B.) Weasel my way into your already existing plans! All politeness aside, you can get far in life by inviting yourself to everything! I would invite myself to the opening of an envelope if it meant I could experience something new, or if that envelope was notably buzz-worthy. Luckily, my friend (who has blogged for this site under Ferocio) is a the-more-the-merrier kind of guy!

This is a chair made entirely of nickels!

Last Saturday I more or less crashed his trip to the Storm King Art Center, and I am so glad I did! The Storm King Art Center is in upstate New York located in Mountainville, only one hour north of New York City. The sculpture garden is one of the biggest in the world, with extremely large-scale work covering acres of land. There are over 100 different sculptures hidden in all kinds of nooks and crannies throughout the land.

This is a great spot for any budding photographer, or just a day when you feel like enjoying the fresh outdoors! While we were at the park there was even a wedding taking place! There is so much space at the Art Center that you would certainly get your photographs while still maintaining privacy. We visited on a Saturday and it was not even that crowded!

Some of the sculptures are so large it is hard to even photograph the entire thing! Many play with dimensions, seeming larger-than-life and when you approach them, are actually quite small and thin.

Some sculptures are even hidden in remote paths in the woods. This beautiful art center left no stone unturned!

While I wouldn’t suggest touching a lot of the sculptures as they are very old and made of metal, the park is extremely relaxed. You can cut across lawns, or sit down and relax just about anywhere! This would be a great location to pack a lunch and have a picnic! We had a great day just walking around the outdoors, taking pictures, and being silly! I would highly recommend it, the park is surrounded by trees and is sure to be beautiful this fall!

Have you heard of the Storm King Art Center? For more information check out:

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