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Posted by on Sep 11, 2012 in Beauty, Travel | 0 comments

Plane Essentials

Today I just thought I’d break down what I found absolutely essential for plane-travel. Here’s what to bring to survive any flight from 1 hour to 14.

1. A kindle has made travel infinitely easier for any book lover. Bring as many books as you want without the added weight.
2. Bring a magazine anyway, for when you get bored of your book(s). I always save one from a subscription so I don’t have to buy one at the airport.
3. An eye mask is an absolute essential on a 14 hour flight. You may think you look ridiculous, it’s worth it.
4. A watch so that you can keep up with how many more hours left!
5. I will say it until I turn blue in the face, pashminas are the best, most essential item to travel. Perfect for: layering, using as a blanket, bunching it into a pillow, a shawl, a scarf. I could go on!
6. Eye cream, so the screaming infant behind you doesn’t keep you from being bright-eyed at landing!
7. Blotting papers for your skin, nothing is worse than looking and feeling greasey! These drugstore finds are a lifesaver!
8. Pack it all into a giant tote. I would love to feature one of those fancy Chloe bags, but let’s get real, I don’t own one! I do however pack all my essentials into a patent leather Coach tote- cute and stain-resistant!

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