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Posted by on Sep 18, 2012 in Travel | 0 comments

My Glamorous First Day In Paris: A Retrospective

My last post got me thinking about Paris! So many bloggers were posting all of their glamorous pictures from their summer in the Mediterranean and Europe, I decided to share a few of my favorites from Paris, too. While writing this post though, I was hit with so many hilarious moments of insanity, such as how I can manage to look so un-glamorous on my first day in the city of light…

The Grand Hotel of Paris…beautiful and affordable!

My friend Joey and I went to Paris almost 3 springs ago. This was our hotel…isn’t it cute?


Inside Notre Dame

On our first day we visited Notre Dame and wandered around inside, it was spectacular. We also had our very first french crepes on the block to the left of the cathedral, and then hopped on a bus tour of the city…and here is where things get hysterical…

As mentioned in a previous post, Joey and I were out to save as much money as possible to go on this trip, so we booked what was essentially a red eye to Paris. Our flight left Newark around 9:30 at night, and we arrived in Paris early in the morning. Because of the time difference I got virtually no sleep. Anyone who knows me knows that I cannot function on less than eight hours of sleep, let alone no sleep at all.

This made for a particularly hilarious bus ride around the city because even though it was the dead of winter, absolutely freezing, AND we had no sleep, Joey looked like a completely normal human being, bright-eyed and enjoying his first day in Paris. And I looked like this:

And this:

I can feel all these style bloggers cringing in their Chanel boots! Folks, apparently it doesn’t matter if I am in the most glamorous place on Earth, without any sleep I can STILL manage to look like Michael Jackson after a nose job in the arctic. Not my best moment.

The Musee D’Orsay

I would also like to confess that Joey took ALL of the pictures featured in this post. I was too busy being exhausted. Unbelievably enough I must also confess I only have about 200 pictures from my week in Paris that I took myself, because I was a young, cheap idiot who did not buy an extra memory card to store photos on! I only had room to for a precious 200 photos on my camera and I would take photos and then try to prioritize which ones to keep and which ones to delete to make room! Can you imagine taking photos in Paris and then DELETING THEM? I literally cringe thinking about it!

 And that was my glamorous first day in Paris. Oh well, you live and learn!


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