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Posted by on Sep 4, 2012 in Featured, New Jersey, New York City, Travel | 0 comments

Ghost Town


Summer in the city can be a strange experience. A lot of tourists come in because they are on vacation and all the kids are out of school, however at times it still feels like a ghost town, because all of the New Yorkers flee the hot asphalt jungle for the Hamptons. Like the social climber I long to be, going to the Hamptons IS on my bucket list, however until then I will take going to New York to experience the novel emptiness.

Art on the High Line


There is tons of art lining the High Line! It makes for a very cultured walk!


The weather for Labor Day weekend was not exactly beach-friendly, and facing the parkway traffic to go down for a day seemed too laborious a task.We traded the beach for New York, and spent an entire day walking the High Line.

The third section has been completed, you can hop on at 30th street and walk above the buildings all the way to Chelsea.

Once in Chelsea, you can climb down to the Chelsea Market, and grab one of many delicious bites to eat! The market almost feels like you are underground- it’s hosted in a giant brick warehouse- and has tons of different kinds of cuisine from gourmet ice pops to grilled cheese.

HUGE Crepes at Bar Suzette in the Chelsea Market


This sweaty picture, unfortunately for me, accurately shows the scale and magnitude of these amazing crepes!


Eating at a place with a row of nutella containers is generally a good idea.

We opted for giant savory crepes at Bar Suzette, and for just $10.00 you can be transported right to Paris with a huge crepe of your choosing! Bar Suzette has more than one vegetarian option, and my hummus vegetable crepe was perfection!

The most beautiful art in Chelsea….Kissing the War Goodbye Mural

New York is notoriously busy all of the time, but seeing it even slightly empty was quite an experience! If you live near New York and don’t have plans next labor day, I suggest going against the grain, and see New York in a new way!

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