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Posted by on Sep 26, 2012 in Alexander McQueen, Blake Lively, Concerts, Fashion Friday, Fashion Icons, Hollywood, New York City | 2 comments

Florence and the Machine In Concert

I first heard of Florence and the Machine when the trailor for the Eat Pray Love movie came out. There was a really great song playing during it, and I found out it was a new band called Florence and the Machine. After listening to “Dog Days Are Over’ on repeat for weeks, I managed to get the rest of the album Lungs and listened to it for days on end! I don’t listen to indie rock much, but I couldn’t get enough of that tribal drum sound, and Florence Welch’s beautiful voice!

Florence Welch and Blake Lively are among my favorite unexpected celebrity friendships!

The second album, Ceremonials, was just as strong as the first, with such amazing songs like ‘Never Let Me Go’, ‘No Light’, and ‘Shake It Out’. Florence and the Machine easily became my favorite band, and Florence Welch, who recently sang at Blake Lively’s surprise nuptials, one of my favorite artists.

Florence is always fun on a red carpet because she has what is referred to by my friend as ‘wood nymph chic.’ The brit has a very ethereal style and takes huge risks at any fashion event (her crazy cake-tiered gown at last year’s Met Ball comes to mind!) When I wanted to dye my hair red I brought a photo of Florence to the salon!

Oh, and do we all remember the moment during last year’s Spring Chanel show when she emerged like Venus out of an oyster shell singing? Yeah, that happened.

One of my all-time favorite photos of Florence Welch that was published in this month’s 2012 September Vogue Issue.

I have been wanting to take in a Florence concert live for some time, and it just hadn’t been working out. Last Friday, however, I saw that she would be playing at Jones Beach, NY the following night, I jumped at the chance! A fellow Florence-fan and I whipped out our credit cards and in the name of spontaneity bought tickets immediately-committing to a two hour drive (one way) to the venue the next day!

The show was absolutely worth every bit of traffic getting on and off the verrazzano, Florence killed it! She was beautiful, her voice was spectacular, and she engaged the audience much more than I expected! The show has a 1920s Art Deco theme, and when she came out in a beautiful silhouette in the beginning, it was a dream! I wished the set had been longer, we were not there for the opening act so it felt especially short running an hour and a half. She sang most of her hits, and Shake It Out was especially awesome!

I apologize for the poor quality~! Taken with my iphone at quite a distance!

It would have been cool for her to throw an unexpected cover in there, like when she did ‘Try A Little Tenderness’ on the MTV Unplugged album, but I can’t fault her. What she did sing was incredible! I speculate that her songs varied from tour to tour, because a friend of mine said they loved when she did ‘Seven Devils’, which she didn’t sing at our show. I think that’s important, because some fans like to go to multiple shows, it’s good to switch it up. Also Florence, I appreciate all of your stage time but I would have loved a cosmic costume change! Just saying….but really she was spectacular and sounded incredible! All in all it was a great time, and I was glad to cross seeing Florence live off my list!


Are you a Florence and the Machine fan?


  1. That CD is not going to be leaving my car’s player for a long time… and this reminds me to tell Ticketmaster that they must e-mail me when she will be in town.

    Totally. Love. It. :)

    • I am SO glad, I knew you would LOVE it! She was just as good in person. Absolutely amazing!

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