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Posted by on Aug 29, 2012 in New Jersey, New York City, Travel | 1 comment

Visiting The Freedom Tower

The Freedom Tower...still under construction!

Over the last year I have seen the Freedom Tower being constructed over that beautiful New York City skyline. I have spent almost three years in the North Jersey area, and the skyline still leaves me in awe and amazement. The Freedom Tower is only enhancing the beauty of New York, although it stands as a memory for a traumatic time in America.

I ended up at the National September 11th Memorial on a whim a few weeks ago. My boyfriend and I were in the neighborhood getting ready to have drinks with friends, but we had about an hour beforehand with no plans. The sight of the World Trade Center is now the National September 11th Memorial, and is currently not open to the public unless you obtain a visitor’s pass before you visit. The passes are free, but you must obtain them for a specific time and date using the online reservation system.

On a slow day, however, they will allow visitors without a pass. We were lucky enough to gain admittance as it was the middle of a week day. There was virtually no line, but the security at the sight is understandably scrupulous. You must show your ticket at multiple checkpoints, as well as go through an airport-security-style line.

The Memorial is not complete yet, the Freedom tower needs to finish being constructed as well as the other buildings that will surround the site. The plans look beautiful.

The waterfalls are so big it is hard to get a photo of the entire thing!


The reflecting pools are finished, and they are a stunning way to immortalize those we lost on 9/11. The memorial is a total of 8 acres, and the reflecting pools are the largest man-made waterfalls in North America. The pools stand where the twin towers once stood, and feature the names of every single soul that was lost on that tragic day.

If you are in the area for a trip, I would certainly recommend going to see this New York landmark, it is a wonderful testament to the American spirit, as well as a beautiful memorial to those we lost.

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  1. we would like to come to the freedom tower while in NYC..what is the exact location…we will take a subway from 7th and 55th….also do we need tickets? where can we purchase them? and lastly, is the wtc and the reflection pools part of the tour of freedom tower? i thank you in advance…Rita O’Malia

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