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Posted by on Aug 23, 2012 in Canada, Travel | 0 comments

The West Edmonton Mall

The West Edmonton Mall is INSANE!

I apologize for my lack of posts this last week- I have been a busy bee, trying to suck the life out of these last breaths of summer. I hope everyone else out there has been enjoying the final few days of this beautiful summer we have had!

My boyfriend and aunt reading the HUGE map to get around West Ed!

My final post about Canada has to be about one of the last sights we saw in Edmonton- The West Edmonton Mall. I had heard this mall was gigantic- the biggest mall in North America and the fifth biggest in the world- but sometimes you just do not understand things until you see them for yourself.

I guess in people’s description of West Ed, I had thought, “Well maybe the waterpark is just sort of attached to the mall, not quite in it.” I think my mind was trying to make loopholes to understand something so large. What I learned when we first entered the West Ed mall is that it does NOT disappoint.

My aunt and boyfriend at the water park!

For all of you wondering, the waterpark is actually INSIDE of the mall, and has giant windows inside so you can look in.

There is also an amusement park, filled with crazy rides, a full rollercoaster, and tons of arcade games. We had a great time playing multiple rounds of whack a mole, and Deal or No Deal!

In terms of stores, the mall is about average. They are the same kind of stores you would see anywhere else- the specialty items such as the casino, however, are what really get your attention. Yep- there is a casino! Or the ice-skating rink…did I mention the ice-skating rink?

I apologize for the terrible photo quality!

West Ed, obviously, has a huge movie theater that has a dragon that breathes fires every half hour. THAT was pretty cool.

But I have to say that my favorite feature of the West Ed mall has got to be the gigantic pirate ship.

Sea Lion Platform!

Bumper Boats

The pirate ship is floating in water, surrounded by tons of aquatic activities such as bumper boats, a sea lion show, and tons of other mind-blowing activities! 

One of two mini golf courses at the mall!

I’m from New Jersey, which means if you told me what mall you frequent in NJ, I would instantly know what town you live in- but even I wasn’t prepared for this! For locals, the West Edmonton Mall is an annoying tourist destination that clogs up the roads around Christmas time, but as a tourist I would definitely recommend checking it out!


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