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Posted by on Aug 13, 2012 in Canada, Travel | 0 comments

The Canadian Rockies

The majestic drive through the Canadian rockies in Jasper National park is indescribable. Growing up in west New Jersey, I had thought I had seen a mountain or two in my lifetime- but nothing could have prepared me for this.

Halfway through our trip to Alberta to visit my aunt we took the four hour drive from Edmonton to Jasper. We spent a few hours walking through this adorable tourist town nestled in the Rockies, eating a divine dinner, and breathing the fresh mountain air. There are plenty of great places to sleep near Jasper, we stayed in a motel in a town 45 minutes outside the mountains called Hinton.

This sage color is unbelievable up close!

The water is almost white here!

I never considered myself much of a nature person- but I was astounded by the beauty on this drive. Because of the minerals in the water, there are a ton of little lakes and streams, all with the wildest shades of colors I have ever seen. Some were a pale blue that seemed almost white, other times it was a light sage green, while others were the most mind-blowing shades of kelly-green.

Out of everything I saw in Canada, the sight of emerald green water was the most incredible!


These emerald springs were among my favorite sights of the trip, I must have snapped a hundred photos of these mystic waters alone!

The Jasper National Park has many different scenic overlooks you can stop and take photos at, as well as many accessible trails for hiking.

If you are driving through this National Park you will most likely see some wildlife too, which is so exciting! On our drive we had more than a few major elk sightings! The number of idiots that get out of their car and walk right up to these giant horned creatures is also astounding.



We saw tons of elk, Jim alleges he saw some mountain goats, and we also saw bears-again, right up on the side of the road! We were not too far into the park when we saw a giant brown bear with her cub wandering around the side of the road! Nature is seriously amazing!

My boyfriend at one of the scenic overlooks!

The road from Jasper to the other scenic park among the Rockies, a park called Banff, is suppose to be one of the most beautiful drives in the world. I feel so fortunate to have been able to take in all the beauty that Canada has to offer!

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