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Posted by on Aug 5, 2012 in Bucket List, Canada, Travel | 2 comments

Return From Edmonton!

I have returned from a delightful stay in Edmonton, Alberta, and I am full of amazing Canadian sights to share with you! Edmonton was an absolute blast. We spent most of our week visiting my aunts, but still managed to get in a great deal of sight-seeing. Edmonton is a city in Alberta, but we also spent time driving through the Canadian Rockies with a stop over at the Columbia Ice Fields. We had a bit of drama traveling, as on our way to Edmonton mine and my boyfriend’s luggage was lost, which resulted in a lot of complaints and phone calls to United.

I have flown over 25,000 miles this year! Not bad for a girl who didn't have travel plans for 2012!

Eventually our luggage did arrive, barely in tact. However, in happier news, this trip put me over 25,000 miles traveled this year!! This travel milestone means that I am now a United Elite member, and can get bumped up to first class if all the stars align! On the way home the gods were looking out for me, and I finally got to cross off ‘Fly First Class’ on my bucket list! You never know when you might be able to check off a bucket list item!

Chowing down on some local cuisine- poutin!

Canada is an interesting place, because at times it seems like the fraternal sister to the United States. Everything is similar, but just different enough to be unique. There are a few odds and ends I wanted share in this introductory post, for starters- the area of Alberta gets some serious sunlight- the sun doesn’t even BEGIN to start setting until about 9:30-10pm. You can look outside at 9pm and it will be as bright as three in the afternoon! It’s pretty insane, I had a hard time getting used to it.

Vegetarian poutin!

Another example would of the difference between the States and Canada would be poutin, a fancy french version of what us New Jerseyans know as “Disco Fries.” There is no better end to a drunken late night in New Jersey than sharing some disco fries at a diner, french fries topped with melted cheese, and gravy.  Poutin is the sophisticated french cousin of Disco Fries, french fries, cheese curds, gravy, and a smattering of fancy toppings like vegetables or meat. A jersey girl at heart, I still like my disco fries better.

While I am on the topic of food, a really nice feature of Alberta is the vegetarian-friendly cuisine you can find just about anywhere. Alberta is like the Texas of the North, and I suppose it’s the beef-eating, gun-toting backlash that has amounted to some serious vegetarians in the area. I was never without anything to eat!

This is me, literally getting swarmed by mosquitoes mid-picture. This scenic overlook photo-shoot resulted in two major purple welts from mosquito bites!

Other Edmonton odds and ends that might not come up in a separate post are the bugs! The mosquitoes there are of another breed than I am used to on the East Coast, they are small and come in insane swarms. Once you are bitten by one, you swell up with gigantic hard welts that turn the most astonishing shades of red and purple. To keep these scary mosquitoes in check, there are a monster-size species of dragon flies, which there are also SWARMS of, something you don’t see in Jersey ever, either!

100 years of Canada's Legislature building!

Despite these pesky bugs, I had an amazing time, returning with fascination for nature like never before! I can’t wait to share my journey with you!


  1. Looking forward to the posts to come! Well, I always am, but with a special interest for these. :)

    • YOu might find pictures of yourself in some! haha

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