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Posted by on Jul 9, 2012 in Inspiration, Travel | 0 comments

Reflections on Blogging

Even Divas get the blogging-blues!

Oh man you guys, where the hell have I been? Many props to my friend Lisa for giving me a much needed blog-break (which I’m here to explain)! I know I’m loving being a passenger on her Italian journey, aren’t you?

As many of you know, I am a big believer in the power of visualization. Ask and ye shall receive! This fall really dragged on for me, always on the go, studying or traipsing through Tokyo, San Fransisco, and all I kept saying was that I wanted to VEG this summer, or as one Miss.Julia Roberts so eloquently put it, I wanted to “lay like broccoli.”

Of course now that this is EXACTLY what is happening, I miss the buzz of my busy-bee lifestyle, and often feel like I don’t have much to say here. Deep down I am just a city girl at heart (somehow, despite growing up in suburban New Jersey), and I feel best and balanced when on the go!

This explains my lack of blog posts, not to mention my blogger-insecurities that I sometimes let get the best of me. The aim of Ferocia Fatale has always been a sort-of travel/day trip/adventure-ey blog but at times I feel I am no match for these new-wave nomadic folks who spend their time in the exotic lands of Indonesia or in really obscure South American cities. I’m still boring sometimes, and I get down on myself for not being able to keep up with these travel backpackers who bring their readers endless adventures from extreme places. Who wants to read about the mediocre American tourist city of San Fransisco when you can see pictures from some super obscure bar in Africa where you can drink the blood of a goat?

And not to knock on my fellow bloggers, I think you can tell that this is purely envy speaking- but does anyone else get really down on themselves when they read style blogs? Like WHO ARE these perfectly manicured girls who can afford to buy the latest Chloe bags and Givenchy shoes? Would I look that good if I kept getting the latest, greatest stuff sent to me free of charge from these super trendy online shopping sites? And how DO they find the time to transfer all of their stuff from one purse to the next with every outfit change? How did they get 12 billion followers so quickly?

If this sounds like the rant of a bitter girl who wears a white t-shirt and denim jeans everyday, it definitely is. I am so envious of their seeming perfection! Don’t they ever wear a Forever 21 t-shirt or have terribly unruly curly hair most of the time? I’m pretty fabulous, but my photos are often unedited, my outfits at times quite relaxed, and I am very aware that San Fransisco is not an exotic land!

So…those are all my blogging insecurities I have been meaning to get off my chest! Fellow bloggers out there, if you are reading this, SOS! I would love to know if this ever happens to you!

For the time being, however, I will keep on keeping on!

What does keep my blog-loving heart pumping, though, is that I always have been overly enthusiastic about sharing things I see, learn, and do. I make it a point to travel the world because I LOVE to be inspired, and usually I’m just dying to share it with everyone. I’m that annoying friend that watches an awesome documentary and texts my friends immediately after imploring them to watch it.

Whether I’m measuring up to these travel bloggers who shoot from Hong Kong to Iceland in a New York minute or not, I think I will continue bringing you my daily discoveries. And for the record, I DO have terribly unruly curly hair that I have grown to love, and I would never drink the blood of a goat, obscure African bar or not. 

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