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Posted by on Jun 7, 2012 in Canada, Travel | 1 comment

Travel Plans for Summer 2012

This is a photo I stole from my aunt's facebook page! I can't wait to be in the mountains!

This year has been a wacky one for me! I went back to school, and traveled on every free minute that I had. I usually average traveling to 3-4 new places per year, and they are often spread out over three month intervals. It sounds planned, but that’s just usually how it works out. This year, in the span of one winter break and spring semester I went to Las Vegas, traversed all of Arizona, visited Tokyo, and spent a girls weekend in San Fransisco. It was excellent, but my wallet is tired!

For the rest of 2012 I plan on keeping it easy, but we’ll see how that goes! I WILL be traveling at least a bit this summer, and that trip is already booked! In July I will be heading up to Alberta, Canada, to visit my aunt in Edmonton! My aunt was like a sister to me growing up, and since she has been in Edmonton for six years, no one has ever gone to visit her! You know Ferocia, always blazing the trail.

I will spend a week up there this July taking in the Canadian mountain air, visiting quirky museums, and drinking maple syrup by the bottle! It’s going to be great!! I have been to Canada countless times, but never outside of Quebec. I’m particularly excited because I will probably be able to see the northern lights while I’m there! I also plan on visiting this gigantic mall that has a theme park, a water park, and two mini golf places in it, exciting!!!

The fall might bring me back to California or Las Vegas, but only time will tell! Don’t worry though, there are plenty travel posts still to come! Not just from the Canadian Rockies, I also will have a special guest blogger coming very soon!!

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  1. Soooo excited. :D :D

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