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Posted by on Jun 19, 2012 in Books and Movies | 0 comments

Most Talkative by Andy Cohen

My love and appreciation for Bravo is no secret on this blog. Having a television network that you feel is catered to your personal needs is pretty incredible! Crazed housewives with bleach blonde extensions, ferocious gay men, Rachel Zoe styling celebrities, what more could a girl ask for, seriously? The brains behind this genius operation is Andy Cohen, the man all women and gay men across America have to thank. His brand new memoir, Most Talkative, chronicles his meteoric ride to fame from small town boy to powerful executive and talk show host…a must read for any Bravo fan!!

Even if you aren’t a fan of Andy Cohen’s super quirky talk show that prides itself on mixing the strangest celebrity guests, you have to admire his journey to fame. Cohen is not the over-night success he seems to be, and he’s also now just a talk show host and ringleader to Housewife reunions. Andy Cohen is the executive producer behind a lot of Bravo shows, head of casting, not to mention the mastermind behind the entire Real Housewife series. He also rose up out of small town Missouri and worked his way to the top with blind ambition.

Andy Cohen’s book is all about his rise to fame, but only the interesting bits! The book opens with his first encounter with his dream icon, Susan Lucci, and the book is pretty much broken up by different times in his life where he encountered Lucci, a hilarious breath of fresh air in terms of celebrity memoirs. Nothing is more boring than a book that opens with the celebrity’s boring story of birth and average childhood that they find interesting, and thankfully Cohen skips all of that, admitting that he has no interest in divulging his boring childhood, either.

Cohen has wanted to work in television his entire life, and throughout the book you can seriously taste how much he wants to work in tv. Cohen worked from local newspaper reported to intern, and then all the way up to reporter and producer for CBS.

By the time Cohen gets to the Bravo bits, you’re already thoroughly entertained; the transcripts and frustrations he expounds upon on the entire chapter dedicated solely to Housewife reunion shows is just the cherry on the top. Andy Cohen expresses his deep frustration with getting the housewives to even admit the simplest things, such as finding out whether or not Kim Zolciak wears a wig because she has cancer or not. The transcript he provides seriously points out the ridiculousness of it all!!

I strongly recommend this book to any Bravo fan…but if you’re not a fan, you could probably skip it. For my fellow Bravo-crazed-fans, dive right in!

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