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Posted by on Jun 4, 2012 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Lately Loving

If you follow me on Instagram (@Ferocia) you know I’ve been loving:

Nail polish from Urban Outfitters…I’m new on the nail polish bandwagon-working at a certain extremely popular coffee chain required clean nails, but I’m free now, and loving a good manicure! I always score big at the Urban Outfitters in Montclair. Last trip out I got an amazing dress and vintage black slip for a total of $20.00…this time I got two nail polishes for 99 cents and a winter coat for 9.99! I’m telling you, this place is a gold mine! This orange shade is called “Hungover”, and the polish goes on super smooth and lasts surprisingly long!

My summer fedora…I am loving this look with everything! I have to embarrassingly admit- I got the idea from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills when Brandi worked it on the beach, since then I picked this one up at Forever 21, it looks great with everything!

Retro bathing suits…I have been after this look for a while, and finally found the perfect retro suit at one of my favorite stores, TJ Max. This style is super flattering on everyone, and brings a little 1950s fab to any beach day!

Coral…as you may have seen from my last fashion Friday! Coral is the perfect summer shade for the beach!

Basically, if you gather anything from this post, it’s that I will be laying on a beach in a retro bathing suit with orange nails, a fedora, and coral lipstick! What are you loving this summer?? 

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