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Posted by on Jun 10, 2012 in Italy, Travel | 0 comments

Introducting Guest Blogger Lisa!


Me and my new guest blogger, Lisa!

I have some exciting new for Ferocia Fatale! Being that I love travel, I tend to have many friends that love to travel as much as me! Working at Starbucks for many years led me to meet some great people, and one of them is a little Southern firecracker named Lisa! Lisa has the same burning desire to travel that I have, and I love that she always goes out seeking these adventures! Lisa’s most recent adventure has taken her all around Italy for the last few weeks, Venice, Pisa, Rome, Milan, girlfriend hit it all!!


Meet my Guest Blogger, Lisa!

Lisa is full of life, born and raised in the heart of Louisiana, and she is definitely fierce! I love her because she is always down for a good time, and we definitely have a crazy story or two from some outrageous nights out together! Lisa used to have her own blog, so I invited her to share her stories about Italy with me here at Ferocia Fatale! I am dying to go to Italy, and I know seeing her pictures will be really exciting, I hope you guys think so, too!!

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