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Posted by on Jun 8, 2012 in Fashion Friday | 0 comments

Fashion Frriday: 5 Swim Suit Styles you have to try!

Bathing Suit Summer StylesYou can’t crack a magazine open from May-August without reading 100 obligatory “Best Swimsuit For Your Body” articles…and I’m over it!  I like to think of myself as a bathing suit connoisseur, I have more bikinis than I’m proud of, and I’m willing to try anything on! I am a bathing suit fanatic, and instead of telling you what would look best with your body, let me share with you a few styles I have discovered over the last few weeks that I’m loving…!

You can find this great retro bathing suit and similar styles at Old Navy!

1.) Retro. Every girl needs to try a retro bathing suit out in their lifetime. There are two piece versions that have a high waist, and one pieces that look flattering no matter what your shape is. Either way, you must try them! You will be instantly transported back into the 1950s, and even if that isn’t your vibe, it’s fun to browse!

I don't know who decided the halter top was the way to go..bra styles are much more comfortable!

2.) The bra-style bathing suit top- I’m not sure why these ever went out of style. They no doubt suit women who have more going on in the chest area, but this style is also extremely flattering on myself, who has nothing going on in that area! Not to mention they are extremely comfortable, no more tugging on your neck and worrying if it’s going to fly off the minute you enter the ocean. Give it a whirl, ladies! Your neck muscles will thank me. Whoever decided a halter was the go-to bathing suit look, anyway?

3.) The skirt bottom style- While I am at the bra-top style, the bottom half of that suit is a skirt, and it looks RAD! Normally when you think of a bathing suit skirt you think of an awful ‘tankini’ to go with it. I know the tankini style looks awful on me! Having a cute top but also a skirt on the bottom is the perfect way to conceal that usually unflattering region below, since not all of us look like Miranda Kerr. This skirt is the perfect length, I think the key is that it can’t be too long.

This is the exact dress-style bathing suit by Kenneth Cole that I bought! Super flattering

4.) A bathing suit that looks like a dress- I picked up a Kenneth Cole bathing suit last week that looked like a dress (on super clearance, might I add), and already I have thought of a 1,000 reasons to love it. The swim suit literally looks like a dress, and not only will it be the perfect suit to wear when you’re having a bloated day, I can’t think of a better bathing suit to wear to family pool parties and other functions where you want to be covered up. This one piece is still super comfortable, and awesomely flattering- Juicy Couture makes some great versions of the bathing suit dress, as well!

Try a bandeau, a two piece, or a funky one piece, anything you haven't tried!

5.) Any bathing suit style you’ve always wanted to try! This one is sort of a cheater move, but seriously, try on any bathing suit that you might be unsure of, you might surprise yourself! I have always though the bandeau style top was out of my reach, but after shopping this weekend, it really doesn’t look too bad! Try a crazy one piece with a bunch of cut outs! Try the dreaded tankini. You need not always follow what bathing suit a magazine tells you would look great on your shape- everyone and every suit is different!

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