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Posted by on Jun 29, 2012 in Beauty, Do It Yourself | 0 comments

Fashion Friday: Tips for Getting Great Skin

I'm certainly not blessed with great skin-- it's a labor of love!

Lately I have been really into skin care. During my teen years my skin was terrible, and after experimenting endlessly, I have really found some amazing products and a routine I religiously adhere to. Skin care can be really simple, find something that you love, and stick to it. Your skin is not to be messed with, it wants routine, and balance!

Skin care rule numbers one, two and three: WASH THAT FACE! I wash my face twice a day, with absolutely no exception, but you need to wash yours AT LEAST every night before you go to sleep. Washing your face is absolutely paramount if you wear makeup, but even if you don’t, your skin is absorbing particles in the air, dirt, grime, sweat, all day long, not to mention an accumulation of dead skin. If that does not get washed off before bed, you are grinding all of that into your face every night on your pillow! Wash your face, ladies, PLEASE! Once you begin washing your face every night, you might break out a little, because all of that oil and dirt under your skin will be rising to the top. After that, it’s smooth sailing!

My favorite staple face wash, cheap and easily found at any local supermarket!

I like to use the super cheap Neutrogena face wash that you can buy at the grocery store. I used to use acne wash by Clinique, but it’s pretty annoying spending that much money for soap, and having to go to the department store every time you run out (which when you wash your face 2x a day, is a lot). I keep my regimine as low-maintenance as possible. These orange bars that Clinique makes are about $3.00, I tried them after reading an article about Jennifer Aniston where she said she uses them. I have heard that if you have a very serious acne situation, though, Pro-Active DOES do wonders.

Make sure you are using an exfoliating scrub rather than a loofah- loofahs can spread bacteria!

Occasionally, you need to dig deep into those skin cells and scrub a little harder, and for that you will need a nice scrub! St.Ives Apricot Scrub is good for both your body and face, and has been a tried and true product for years that can be found at any grocery store. You should only exfoliate about once a week, just to get all the dirt out, and scrub off the dead skin cells that accumulate. Your skin will feel incredibly soft afterward!

Behold, the best moisturizer in all the land! MAC Comfort Cream cannot be beat!

Moisturizer is the next major item in your skin care arsenal, that should also be used liberally and often. Any magazine article about a woman in her later years who looks flawlessly young-say Halle Berry, Jennifer Aniston, anyone, really- will attribute their amazing skin to moisturizer and sunscreen (which I will get to in a moment!) Moisturizer puts the moisture back into your skin, hydrating it so it doesn’t dry out and wrinkle up. It also protects your skin from environmental damage. I have tried tons of different moisturizers, and I ALWAYS come back to MAC comfort cream. Your skin will suck this up like a sponge! Comfort Cream is smooth, creamy, and not oily or lotion-like as some moisturizers are. I highly recommend it to everyone, it’s my favorite product by far. At $32.00, this cream is the most expensive product I have listed, but worth every penny.

I switch up my eye cream pretty frequently, but Clinique All About Eyes is great for under eye circles!

Eye Cream is not absolutely necessary for everyone, but if you have bags under your eyes, I would highly suggest it. I have been using eye cream for years, so my skin is pretty supple, I’m hoping to stave off wrinkles for a long time. If you are looking for a light-weight eye cream that is really basic, Clinique’s All About Eyes is great, I have used it several times.

If you don't want to look like Freddy Kreuger by 30, slather on some sunscreen!!

The last must-have product is sunscreen. All of you ladies who love to tan are A.) extremely likely to get skin cancer in your lifetime and B.) going to look like leather face in a few short years! SPF is where it’s at and that’s all I have to say about that.

Clear skin is totally achievable!

While occasionally I play with other products just because I love them- astringent, toners, oils, I really don’t think that most people need to invest in them. These few products I mentioned are extremely basic and will help anyone-washing your face alone will change your skin! Half the products listed can be found at your local grocery store! I highly recommend them all if you need to get your skin back on track, but when you start a regimen, adhere to it!

Last but not least, I cannot end this post without mentioning the importance of water! Everyone is probably sick of the wonders that drinking 8, 8 ounce glasses of water a day can do for you, but that’s exactly why you need to start drinking it! Water is the most effective skin care trick, good for your face, but also amazing for your body and overall health. I have pretty amazing skin, aside from one area I am prone to breakouts, and despite all of these products I listed, I credit it to drinking water all day long.

What are YOUR best skin care tips and tricks???

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