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Posted by on May 9, 2012 in New Jersey, Travel | 0 comments

NJ’s REVEL Resort Storms Atlantic City


Whenever I go to Atlantic City, I usually end up writing about the Borgata, because in the last several years it’s the only casino that isn’t just for the octogenarian population in AC. It’s fun, it has hot night clubs, the best restaurants. It’s annoying that it’s so far from the Boardwalk, but the trade off is ten fold. For a long time it’s been the only place in Atlantic City worth making a fuss over. Until now. Move over Borgata, there is a new sheriff in town!!

Revel is a brand new resort, the first of it’s kind, in Atlantic City. Revel is not a hotel, and it is not a casino, although the world class building does offer both. Revel is a resort, and an absolutely stunning one at that!

Right now, Revel is undergoing a soft open, so while they are accepting guests, there are many areas that are closed off unless you are a guest or an invited member. By pretending to be a member of a convention in town, I got the inside look at all the hot spots in Revel, and it is AMAZING!

First of all, the property is absolutely monstrous. HUGE. Even the check-in lobby area is hundreds of feet wide of solid marble. Everything is brand new, chic, and impossibly perfect.

Everything about Revel screams Las Vegas, a far cry from the rest of the Atlantic City thorough-fare. The casino is gigantic, and reminded me of Vegas’s Planet Hollywood or Cosmopolitan.

Even the walk to the bathroom in the Casino is a chic adventure. No detail has been overlooked.

Revel features some word class restaurants, with plenty of lounge areas throughout the hotel.

The pool area is a serene crystal glass room.

Revel also houses a game room, and an area to play connect, and in the same general building, will also have one of the largest spas in the North East. Are you convinced yet?

If that wasn’t enough, the entire building features a roof top garden that will take your breath away, which the pool extends out onto. Much like the pool at Harrah’s, this is bound to become a night hot spot for young people in Jersey for the summer.

The rooftop garden was definitely my favorite features, and at night it must look spectacular. The resort is beach side, so not only are you next to all the other casinos, but Revel will also feature it’s own private beach for guests-only that is supposed to be incredible.

I got the inside dish from employees at Revel, and apparently there are features of the hotel that aren’t even done yet that are going to be astounding. Every night a giant globe will roll up and down the hotel, from the top of the roof to the bottom of the exterior, in a Vegas-style showing, right along with the Volcano they are building at the front of the building, a la the Mirage. There will also be a separate area of the front of the hotel with waterfalls.

Hopefully this all will be ready by their hard open on Memorial Day weekend of this month..which, btw, is one of the only events in the world that BEYONCE will be performing at this year.

Borgata, who?

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