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Posted by on May 11, 2012 in Designers, Fashion Friday, Gwenyth Paltrow, Hollywood | 0 comments

Fashion Friday: Met Ball 2012

Beyonce. Enough Said.

The Met Ball is by far the most exciting night in fashion! I LOVE checking out what all the celebrities are wearing, it’s a night to take maximum risk! This year, the trend was glittering glamour, and there were a TON of hits….and a ton of misses. Mostly I felt an extreme for every dress, I either loved it or hated it-there was not a lot of in betweens….

Emma Stone is the ONLY person who gets a free pass for wearing a short dress to a formal event because she looks, as usual, perfectly adorable in every way.

Who I loved:


Diane Kruger looked perfect in Prada. This is SO Nicole Ritchie! Kruger has proved to be a true fashion icon time and time again.

This was a big shock to me, but Amy Poehler was actually one of my best dressed in a strapless Black Halo dress. Fun, flirty, and dramatic.


My love for Marchesa outweighs my dislike of Sofia Vergara, and I have to say, this year she was a perfect 10! I LOVED this color, reminiscent of Mila Kunis in Marchesa at last year's Oscar's. I think Vergara could have done something with her hair, but nonetheless, the dress is perfect, and more of a credit to Marchesa than Vergara.


Whenever I see Camilla Belle, I think of that song Taylor Swift wrote about her that implies she's slutty. That being said, she STUNNED me on this red carpet. Belle is jaw-droppingly gorgeous in a liquid Ralph Lauren.


Nina Dobrev is my runner up for best dressed, beat out by only one person. Dobrev has curves in all the right places in this Donna Karen dress, not to mention she has one of the only dresses on the red carpet with a train, a Met Ball DO! LOVE!


Karolina Kurkova took my breath away. She is on a lot of Worst Dressed Lists right now, and to that I say, "ARE YOU CRAZY?" She is a Mata Hari glamour GODDESS IN THIS! Kurkova looks incredible. If I could wear a bejeweled turban everyday, I would.

And now…for the WORST:

Sarah Jessica Parker may as well have made her dress out of my grandmother's sheets. This is awful. From the former Carrie Bradshaw, I expected more.


I really don't like this color, or the pseudo-peplum that is happening. Meh. I'm not into it. Whenever I see canary on a red carpet I always compare it to that Michelle Williams number from a few years back, and nothing ever compares.


SPEAKING OF PEPLUM....Elizabeth Banks had a peplum waist and peplum neckline! While I appreciate the risk taken here,


If you follow me on Twitter, which you should, you are aware that I am very disappointed in Jessica Biel's outfit choice. This is beautiful...for an engagement party. It's like she didn't even try. I don't know how she got that ring on her finger folks, she must have one helluva personality!


Some celebrities don't even try, and thus, don't even deserve to be labeled Worst Dressed. I cannot even waste my energy talking about how Kristen Stewart had the oppurtunity of a lifetime to go to the biggest night out in New York City fashion, and dressed like it was the Kid's Choice Awards. I literally cannot.

And my Worst Dressed goes to…..

I will never understand the fuss over Gwenyth Paltrow. I really don't think she is that fabulous, funny, or beautiful. This Prada is the worst thing ever. I hate it on so many levels. WORST DRESSED!

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