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Posted by on May 18, 2012 in Diane Kruger, Fashion Friday, Fashion Icons | 0 comments

Fashion Friday- Diane Kruger and Cannes

Usually I don’t bother with Cannes Fashion, but this year some of the looks were too great to pass up!! Diane Kruger was heart-stopping! I started writing a post about the Cannes Film Festival fashion, but the only true stunners were Kruger and Eva Longoria, who came out of left field in a gorgeous lavender gown with a stunning train. Those two beautiful women absolutely shine on the red carpet, but other than that Cannes fashion includes mediocre dresses from Jane Fonda and Frieda Pinto…that’s about it. Until we get some Angelina Jolie action, there’s not much to write about with Cannes!

Instead, let’s laud the fashion accomplishments of Diane Kruger, a woman who has become a true fashion icon.

I still cannot stop thinking about her hippie chic purple frock at the Met Ball. I think I want to model my summer fashion after this look somehow.

Last year at Cannes, Kruger was an absolute dream in a gold Calvin Klein that looked almost liquid on her perfectly sculpted body! The dress dripped in glamour, and she looked like a goddess.

Kruger often goes for the goddess look on the red carpet, which is probably why I love her fashion so much. That is just what I would do on the carpet, always glamorous, yet still somehow ethereal.

all images courtesy of getty images


Diane Kruger has the glamor, the edge, and the stunning natural looks to make it as a fashion icon.

If she isn’t on your fashion radar, you haven’t been paying enough attention.

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