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Posted by on May 7, 2012 in Celebrities, Katy Perry, New Jersey, Travel | 0 comments

A Weekend In Atlantic City and Russell Brand…Live!

As many of you know from previous posts, I love that brit comedian Russell Brand, and his show in the Borgata this weekend provided the perfect weekend getaway for me and my beau. Atlantic City is a perfect two hours away, close enough to not go crazy during the drive, but far enough that I feel like I went somewhere.

The Borgata Hotel in Atlantic City, through instagram!

The Borgata is usually my choice for hotels in Atlantic City. Despite being totally off the beach, it’s by far the nicest hotel. This may be changing, however, because I have an exciting new hotel to tell you about in my next post…so stay tuned for that! It will blow your mind! This weekend was a much needed time to unplug and decompress from stress! The end of any semester is always tough, and lately I feel like I have been juggling a ton of other pressures along with it. Luckily, this summer promises to be a great one.

In any event, as soon as I saw Russell was performing stand up, I snatched up some tickets immediately. Making dinner reservations for a Friday or Saturday night in Atlantic City is an absolute must, so we decided to try out Michael Mina’s hot spot, Sea Blue.

Gypsy Bar in the Borgata is a great place to catch live music at night!

We arrived late Thursday night, and after putting out stuff down in our amazing Borgata room, we hit up Gypsy Bar for some late night music and drinks!

After a great night listening to an amazing cover band, we hit up the outlet stores in Atlantic City for some shopping during the day. Atlantic City is home to some great outlet stores at amazing prices, such as Coach, Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren. It’s a really great place to shop, and you can get a really nice, totally authentic Coach bag for $100-200! Definitely worth checking out.

Sea Blue was very pricey, but absolutely delicious! As opposed to bread, you are served fresh pita and hummus at your table that is incredible. I got the salmon and my boyfriend got the sea bass, and both dishes were out of this world! The salmon was perfectly grilled on the outside, and a juicy, buttery, flakey deliciousness on the inside. If you are looking for a romantic evening with some killer food, Sea Blue is a great option.

The teeny tiny Music Box at the Borgata, not a bad seat in the face!

Russell Brand’s show was at the Music Box, the smaller of the two venues at the Borgata. When I saw Kathy Griffin last year at the Event Center, it was a fine venue, but definitely four times the size of the Music Box. Kathy Griffin‘s loud and boisterous attitude could hold it’s own in the humungous Event Center, but Brand’s more personal show was perfect at the Music Box. There wasn’t a bad seat in the house.

Russell Walking around, riling up the crowd! The ladies sure love him!

Brand’s show was….very….interesting. To be honest, after I left, I wasn’t really sure what I had just seen, and I kept mulling it over in my head all weekend. He kicked off the show by saying hello, and doing the standard “Let’s turn the house lights on and get a look at you”! After that, he jumped off the stage to walk around the crowd, which left all my fellow Russell-ites in a tizzy. I guess it’s the over-whelming sense of personable-ness that rolls off of him that left hoardes of women feeling like they could jump from their seats and run up to hug him. After one girl approached him, hugged him, and proceeded to literally hump him like a dog in heat, it left the other women of the show with a no-holds-barred attitude.

Russell walking around giving hugs!

Girls were running up to him, hugging him, giving him gifts. It was all quite strange. While he tried to encourage the audience to stay in their seats, he also certainly wasn’t turning his suitors away, either. I am not big on audience participation, so after the novelty of this wore off, I was ready for the show to get going…

…And that’s where it got weird….almost like the show….never really got going. Once he finally made it back up on stage, he proceeded to open all of the presents he recieved from some of the adoring audience members he had encountered. People would shout things at him, he would engage them in conversation. It began to seem more like a fan-con than a stand-up show. After pulling people up to talk to/make fun of them (light-heartedly, of course), the show probably began about 1/2 hour in. Really strange, if you ask me.

My tickets!

Even after he tried to begin his stand-up, the show continued being weird. He had packets of information stapled together, a lot of them were news headlines he made jokes about, but he would literally ask people, “So do you want to hear about this news story of a guy doing x y and z, or this story?” …What? He told little to no jokes or stories pertaining to his own life.  It’s almost like there wasn’t a ‘show’ prepared, just a sort of, let’s throw Russell on stage with some news headlines for material, and see what happens! At one point he read some news stories out of the Atlantic City Daily. It was just weird, guys. It was weird.

His personality shone through, however, which complicates my feelings on it. Throughout the show he still managed to be funny, at times, hilarious. Brand can definitely be funny on the fly, going by whatever comes at him, which in a sense proves his comedic genius. He is also unflinchingly smart, and managed to throw some of his knowledge and personal feelings out to the audience, preaching of compassion and assessing the way we look at society, in a way that still seemed very docile and not aggressive in any way. In that sense, the show didn’t change my feelings on Russell Brand, he is a seriously sincere, grateful, smart, and hilarious person.

Would I pay money to see him do stand-up ever again? Mmm. Probably not. I’m not really sure what I paid for, and I’m still not sure.

Jersey is as Jersey does! If your dress vaguely resembles something Melissa Gorga would wear, it's an Atlantic City do!

Either way, we made the best of it, and had a great weekend!!! How was your weekend??

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