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Posted by on Apr 11, 2012 in Inspiration, Travel | 0 comments

Ferocia Fatales Fabulous Travel Tips

Clearly, I travel several times a year. While I am certainly not at back-pack-around-the-world for months status, I have picked up a few tricks here and there! Here are some great travel tips I have picked up in the last couple of years:

1.) Try to Carry On, But if They Offer to Check it, Check it! — I get it, depending on the destination, carrying on isn’t always possible, and if you are not used to packing lightly, it requires some skill. However, you do not get a free checked bag anymore for domestic flights! To save some money, try to carry on! However, when the plane is really full, they will ask for volunteers to check their bags. When they offer it’s FREE! DO IT! Not only will you not have to worry about fighting for over-head compartment space, they bring it RIGHT on the plane before take off, so the chances of it getting lost are slim!

2.) If they need volunteers to give up their seats on the plane & you have time, DO IT! – Sometimes they will have someone on standby who is in an emergency to get somewhere. When this happens, planes will ask for volunteers to give up their ticket to the person in need, and wait for the next flight. If you aren’t in a hurry, DO IT! You’ll will be put on the next plane, which could be as little as a couple hours later, and they will give you SO MANY COMPS! They will often comp you some certificates to keep you busy at the hotel bar or lounge while you wait, and you will get an insane gift certificate for your next trip that can be in excess of $1,000. They will literally throw money at volunteers to give up seats. You wait maybe three extra hours with some free drinks, and you could end up with a whole free vacation just for waiting!

3.) Sign Up for Frequent Flyer Miles & Check In Early– I know signing up for frequent flyer miles may seem like a no-brainer to some people, you would be surprised how many people I know that aren’t registered! It’s like the airline giving you a free trip! It’s completely free to sign up, and they simply track your miles every time you fly, it couldn’t be easier, and you reap so many benefits! That being said, once you are a frequent flyer, you should always check in as soon as possible. When they upgrade people to first class, they start with elite members (which you can pay for, but if you are a FREQUENT FLYER, you may just accrue enough miles during the year to be elite) then they start upgrading based on whose checked in first!

4.) Choose those seats wisely!- Unless you are an over-sized person, I don’t think purchasing extra leg room is worth it, unless you get the window seat. The extra leg room seats are closest to the bathroom!! Who wants that? Nobody! You will be swarmed with people everytime the drink cart passes! No thanks.

Also, here is a tip I tried recently on my trip to Japan, that so far has a 50% success rate: If you are traveling on a long flight with only ONE other person, book the aisle seat, and the window seat. Leave the middle open! The idea is that nobody wants the aisle seat, if you look at the seat map, they are the most common seats left open. If nobody books the aisle, you are going to be one of those lucky couples that has the WHOLE ROW to yourself!! We tried this on our flight to Japan, on the way there it worked, and we got the whole row, it was amazing! The extra room to stretch and sleep was so good, not to mention, free! If someone does book the middle seat out of necessity, then you just ask them to switch. Nobody actually wants to sit in the middle, so they will be happy to switch with you! This is one of my favorite tricks. On a short flight it’s no big deal, but on a long haul to Asia, you need to be comfortable! It’s win win.

5.) If the airline does you wrong, let them know! – Because I cannot put this in anywhere else, I will insert it here: don’t drink on airplanes, friends! It is dehydrating, and being in a plane already dehydrates you, you are setting yourself up to feel awful. On to my next point, though, if the airplane does you wrong, complain to them when you get home, they WILL compensate you nicely! I definitely don’t believe you should be making up false issues to get money, but if something angers you, like the flight attendants being horrible or something, give them your feedback! On my flight home from Tokyo there were no vegetarian meals for me, and the flight attendants were down right rude about it. I sent them a feedback form online, it only took me five minutes, and within a week I had a $250.00 certificate to the airline!

6.) Tip the person who checks you in- If you think about it, you tip the concierge, the waiter, the bell boy, why wouldn’t you tip the person that checks you in, who quite literally, holds the key to your room? When you go to check in, fold up a twenty dollar bill and put it between your credit card and license. It sounds shady, but I assure you it is not, most of the people who check you in expect it, and none have ever pushed it away or been horrified (but if, for some reason they are, just say it must have been in there by accident!); Every single time we have checked in and tipped the person, we have gotten an amazing end unit on the hotel with a sick view. We have also been checked in insanely early, and given rooms that were normally twice as expensive/suite-size. It helps, trust me! The twenty dollars is worth it! This tip has a 100% success rate in all domestic hotels/resorts in islands.

Do you have any incredible travel tips that you want to share! Leave me a comment on this blog and tell me about it!!

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