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Posted by on Apr 27, 2012 in Fashion Friday, Hollywood, Katy Perry | 0 comments

Fashion Friday: Hair Color Creations

My blonde ambition on Rodeo baby!!

With a new season upon us, it’s always fun to create a new YOU, whether it’s hair or fashion! I have been dying my hair since I was in middle school! For many years my hair was fake blonde, and it just kept getting blonder and blonder as the years passed!

Au Naturale!

No matter how long I took that bleach to my hair, I still saw myself as a brunette, my true color! After years of fake drug store hair dye, I graduated to real salon color (which I preach to many is the only way to go for results and the health of your hair!) In the last few years I let those blonde locks grow out, until finally I needed to jazz it up!

Drew Barrymore, who I have been told I somewhat resemble (I also used to get Taylor Swift all the time) has always been my inspiration to go red. Her Covergirl ads are always beautiful, and a spread in the last September issue of Vogue left me drooling. I knew immediately that was the shade that I wanted!! We tried this a few months ago, and the color was exactly what I asked for, but very subdued.

My inspiration for this season's color dye!!

This time I brought in a picture of one of my favorite singers, Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine, and I said, “Let’s do this!!’ I like to fully commit to things when I agree to them!

Here is my red hair braided on both sides!!


Fresh from the salon! A nice copper red to usher in this beautiful spring!

My hair is now a bright and fiery red! It’s really fun, but I am already thinking about throwing in some highlights to jazz it up! I’m glad to say I have tried red hair, but I don’t know that it’s my best look.

Shop Las Charolastras for this fabulous necklace!!

Recently at a photo shoot for a friend’s company, I also got to try on some fun colors!! This pink wig was to serve up some Fafi realness with a hint of Charlotte Free. To shop her amazing jewelry that I am wearing in this photo, check out Las Charolastras.

I found this amazing hair color photo on the universe of tumblr!

Although ombre is still trending, I don’t love it on most people, I think it’s really easy to make it look cheap and poorly done. What I AM loving is ombre of different colors! I will probably never do this, but I still love seeing it.

Girl can pull off anything! I LOVE THIS!

I am also obsessing over Katy Perry’s dark violet and blue hair. AMAZING! This is a crazy candy color done right!

Sometimes, you have to put on a pink wig and werk it!

What hair color trends are you loving for spring??

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