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Posted by on Apr 18, 2012 in Travel | 0 comments

Diva is Tired!

Sitting at the dock of the bay.......

I am extremely proud that in all the time I have had this blog I have never dropped off, but man is it tough! I have been traveling all over the place, studying, writing term paper after term paper, and I have to admit, I’m exhausted! That’s why even though the posts keep rolling in, I feel like I’ve been a little quiet in my corner of the internet lately!

I love traveling, and all that it affords me. I really would go through anything to travel, but I must say, I’ve just been kinda tired lately~! Since I started finishing off my Bachelor’s degree this past fall, I have not stopped! I have been taking five classes a semester, I was gone the entire winter break traveling to Las Vegas and Arizona, I traveled to Japan over spring break, and then this past weekend I was in San Fransisco.

Traveling is a luxury I am so fortunate to travel, but it does tire a girl out! That is why I am slightly ashamed to admit it, but at this point all I want to do is hang in New Jersey and New York all summer long, go to the Jersey shore once in a while, and maybe end the year with an island vacation. Nothing sounds better than sipping Mai Tais in Aruba right about now!

As of right now, I have no travel plans for the summer, but you know me-something always crops up! I’m not worried about it, I’m actually looking forward to vegging at home and saving some dolla dolla bills!!! I hope that this summer is peppered with day trips and interesting places that are always around the corner for me to share with you!  You can definitely expect some San Fransisco travel posts coming soon, and after that I might just settle in and wait for inspiration to come and find me.


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