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Posted by on Mar 15, 2012 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Inspired By: Interior Design

I haven’t done an inspired by post in a while!! Traveling to the south west and, of course, fashion award season, has taken over a great deal of my posts, but I would like to share with you something that has been inspiring me quite a bit lately- Interior Design! (None of these photos are of my actual home, they are all photos I found on pinterest of my dream home! For the sources and other photos, visit my Interior Design Board on Pinterest!)

I don’t consider myself someone who is necessarily good at interior design, but I am a big fan of making a statement! My room is bright tangerine orange, and possibly as a by-product of having a neon room for so many years, I have been gravitating towards white a lot lately!

Lately I have been saving tons of pictures of rooms on both tumblr and pinterest. You can follow me on either by clicking those links!! Planning a dream home is always fun, and the art portion of it can really inspire me!!

I love how this person converted their attic into their dream closet!! I LOVE the long racks and all the gold styling!

Lately I have been dreaming of these pristine white surfaces with artistic but simple decoration. I really try to simply my life in every way, from clothing to furniture, it has taken me years but I have managed to pare down my room quite a bit.

I am also really loving mixing metals!! I love some white or black lacquer with gold!!

Where ever I live, I NEED to have a huge book storage, whether I end up in a mansion or a one bedroom apartment!

Thanks to pinterest, I also found my dream bathroom! HELLO pink tiling!!

Obviously the closet is the most important part of any home, so naturally I have already posted about it! To see what my dream closet looks like, and the closet of celebrities, click HERE!

What does your dream home look like? Where do you get inspiration from?

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