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Posted by on Mar 3, 2012 in Japan, Travel | 0 comments

Ferocia’s Going to Tokyo!

Oh man you guys!! How are you? I find a lot of people talking on blogs about how wonderful it is to have had the leap year day yesterday, but I am always more interested in the first of any month. Such hope, such rebirth! I love it. Not to mention, we are that much closer to a beautiful spring!

I have got some great news, I am going to Tokyo!! Many of you may know this already, because I have announced it on the Ferocia Fatale Facebook page!! While I am working on getting a button up that you can simply click to like Ferocia Fatale, if you want to be ahead of the curve you can just search for me, and you’ll find it!! That will give you the latest and greatest news before it makes it on the blog, such as Tokyo..

Honestly, it seems like such a wonderful time for this news to break, because I JUST posted about how I had no idea what my travel plans were for 2012, and believe me when I tell you that I truly meant that. I’m simply a believer in the Secret, and the law of attraction. I point my life towards travel, I have a vision board, and I just know that travel is constantly coming to me in the most unexpected ways! This blog may discuss fashion and celebrities very frequently, but in the interest in full disclosure, my original dream was for this to be a fabulous travel blog, because it’s just about the only thing I really care about, the only thing I want most in the world. So, travel friends, here we are!

Unfortunately, my trip to Tokyo will be short, only a few beautiful days, but I could not be more excited. My trip to Taiwan last year was incredible, and I am looking forward to diving into this rich and diverse culture head first! If Narita Airport was any indication about how incredible Japan is, I am going to be in awe. The best part is that I am leaving very soon, only a few weeks from now!

I can’t wait to bring you tons of pictures and stories from Tokyo, and if anyone has any tips for me, I would absolutely love to hear them! I don’t think I have ever been more excited about anything in my entire life!

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