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Posted by on Mar 16, 2012 in Fashion Friday, Fashion Icons, Kardashians | 0 comments

Fashion Friday: Which Kardashian Are You?

Yes, Ladies, we’re going there. I know, you’re tired of the Kardashians, you love them, you hate them, you think their fake, you think their great. I’ve heard it all, and here is what I have to say: regardless of their reality show, tv personas, and 72 hour marriages, these ladies have a trail blazing fashion sense that is all their own. With access to the hottest designers, designer items, and style, they lead the way of modern day fashion. I’m totally convinced that Kourtney Kardashian single-handedly led the blouse trend.

Kourtney Kardashian is my favorite Kardashian. I think she is hilarious, but also the smartest, and the most chic. I always love her outfits!

I think she looks chic…so here is some affordable Kourtney inspired looks from Target, accessories from Forever 21!

Now, Kim Kardashian, while she is the most famous, is undoubtedly the most annoying, unlikeable character on not just the show, but possibly the planet. She is fake, annoying, a cry baby, overly sensitive, superficial, and just all around irritating! However, her style is extremely consistent.

Kim is either in a skin tight party dress with her girls out to greet everyone, or she is wearing a super structured blazer with a lot of layers. I do love the blazer look, and I think it’s a great option for ladies with curves, like myself!

Khloe has the most interesting style. Hers is very eclectic, and I like seeing what she wears. She does wear a lot of jumpsuits and harem pants, she definitely takes risks in fashion.

Khloe also has a pretty good skin to dress ratio, if you ask me. While Kim puts it all out there, if Khloe is wearing a leg baring short dress, it’s usually long sleeved.  If this sounds like you, you might be a Khloe…

Also, on a personal note, Khloe’s husband Lamar Odom is yummy, and also I definitely don’t think Robert Kardashian is her father. Just sayin…

All of the items featured are completely affordable, and can be purchased at Old Navy, Target, and accessories at Forever 21! Which Kardashian’s style do you most want to imitate??

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