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Posted by on Mar 30, 2012 in Events, Fashion Friday | 0 comments

Fashion Friday: Mad Men Mania

This past Sunday marked the long awaited premiere of Mad Men Season 5- a show that has been on hiatus for 18 months! 18 months! Can you imagine your favorite television show ending for the season, and not coming back for a year and a half? Painful. We were all chomping at the bit to see what happened after Megan and Don got engaged, what would become of Joan’s baby, the future of Sterling Cooper Draper Price, it was too much to take! So we had a party!

There are tons of ideas out there to throw an amazing Mad Men themed party! Some ideas you will find out there on the internet is to have 1960s music playing, have some great old school cocktails, and put some old vintage magazines on the table. These are all great ideas, but I have a couple of my own…

I think that having a party centered around watching the show together is a great idea! Make sure to get everyone together an hour or two before the show starts so everyone shuts up once Don Draper is on the screen!

We made old fashions, a super amazing old school cocktail that tasted delicious and made us feel like 1960s advertising executives!

Definitely dressing up is key, and not only that, bring some extra silly props for everyone to have, too! We stopped at Party City and picked up some fake pearls, gloves, plastic fedoras, and cat eye glasses! People had fun trying them on, and they are good for those who didn’t dress up.

That being said…Mad Men style is the best part! The hair, makeup, and 1960s clothing is part of what makes the show so incredible, and dressing up for Mad Men is a great time!

I wanted to channel the great secretary god Joan Holloway! I wore a yellow blouse tucked in (with a big gaudy broach, obviously) to a pencil skirt, with t-strap heels and a big french twist!

I purchased cat eye sunglasses, a trend I have been dying for, at TJMax for $12.00, they were the perfect accessory to my look!



There are tons of options for dressing like Joan Holloway! All of the pieces I wore were straight from my closet, but all you really need is a pencil skirt and a tight sweater, or a really tight dress. Joan loves bright gem stone colors and belts that cinch! If you were wearing a tight sweater, complete the look with a scarf tied around your neck!

Not to mention, if you have instagram, these will all look like amazing vintage photos later! By the way, add FerociaFatale to follow ferocia on instagram! The Mad Men Premiere was pretty good. Zou bisou bisou was wonderfully awkward, and I have no idea whats going to happen between Don and Megan, but I know i’m kind of sad we didn’t see their wedding! I can’t wait for Joan to get back into the office!! Did you watch the premiere??

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