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Posted by on Mar 9, 2012 in Do It Yourself, Fashion Friday | 0 comments

Fashion Friday: Billowing Blouses

I know this post is about blouses...but I had to share one of my favorite looks I rocked this week!!! The dress is Target, totally FAB and Affordable!

The last couple of Fridays I have been going over the look for less! Last week we took a page from Nicole Richie’s book on how to do boho chic, and this Friday I want to present these looks I have been trying out!! I am REALLY trying to work on my fashion, and I am finding that with everything, it just takes a little bit of thought every morning. You cannot throw whatever’s closest to the bed on every morning, and expect to be a style maven. Just like anything, you need to give it a little consideration and practice!! That’s all it takes lovelies, you don’t have to be rich, you don’t need to be thin, and you don’t need to be touched by some heavenly fashion Jesus to know your way around a closet, you just have to think about it!

Instead of reaching for my staple black vneck, black cardigan, and jeans, I have been trying to be thoughtful, and even spend just a few minutes while I’m trying to fall asleep thinking about what I might wear the next day. As I put on my makeup in the morning, I really consider how I want to look that day. I have also been trying new and different looks!

Blouses are THE look for spring! Comfort and Ease!

That being said, after writing my first Affordable Fashions post, I FELL IN LOVE WITH BLOUSES! Girls, allow me to take the pulpit for a moment here, blouses are your best friend. Seriously. Invest. Invest. Invest. Think about this, you can have one nude colored cami, and 4 blouses on a trip, thin material that doesn’t take much space up in your luggage or your closet, and you are set for a weekend vacation! They are light weight, they can be dressed up or down, they are comfortable, and the nature of the material makes you look put together!

It's easy to get Kourtney Kardashian's look for less!! I did a double braid with a blouse from the Limited!

Here is a short sleeved blouse I got from the Limited that I dressed up. I was channeling Kourtney Kardashian!! With this look I wore dark jeans, black mary jane heels, and a black cardigan. Not a HUGE departure from my usual look- but the blouse makes all the difference! It’s just as easy as wearing a tshirt, but I can’t tell you how many compliments I get on it.

I learned how to do this great braided look from Gal Meets Glam! it's super easy, and I got so many compliments!

I also got this GREAT hairstyle idea from one of my favorite style bloggers at Gal Meets Glam. She posted a great tutorial on this hairstyle after she saw it on pinterest, and I promise you it’s so easy, and it really impresses people!

While this isn't my greatest fashion moment, it was SO comfortable, it was an Old Navy blouse that I thought looked very Russian! I paired it with big furry boots!

Here is another blouse look, but dressed down! I got this blouse from Old Navy last week, and I love it! It was on clearance! I paired it with dark jeans and furry boots. While I don’t think this look will get me in Vogue any time soon, I did like this super causal comfortable look!

I can't wait to break this out on the first sunny spring day!

I also bought this green blouse from Old Navy that I can’t wait to wear with some white shorts and gold sandals this summer!

I love the print on this floral spring top!

And lastly I purchased this top from Target, it’s gorgeous! I am really working the prints this season! Some of these looks are coming with me to Tokyo, but ALL of them are going to be in my suitcase for San Fransisco! Blouses are the IT piece for spring, and if you find a nice red carpet or celebrity look for your hair and makeup, you should really embrace it!!

My Michael Kors trench is to die for!! Please excuse the lack of Fashion-blogger photo quality, as I am not a fashion blogger~!!

I am also lastly very happy to report that my Michael Kors trench coat that I received for Christmas has made it’s fabulous debut. This jacket is going halfway around the world with me to Tokyo, it’s waterproof, has a hood, and the lining will keep me extra warm, not to mention it’s a great, trendy piece!! What are you planning on rocking this spring??

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