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Posted by on Mar 19, 2012 in Books and Movies, It's A Brad Brad World | 0 comments

Born To Be Brad

Born To Be Brad is an excellent book for any Bravo-fan, and has solidified my fandom for Brad Goreski from here on out. I was a huge Brad Goreski fan before, simply because of his one-liners and impeccable style. Born To Be Brad, however, has filled me with deep respect for him and appreciation for how he climbed his way to the top!

As a huge Brad Goreski fan, I was anxiously awaiting his book, Born To Be Brad for months. Brad’s book was to be a combination of style and memoir, I couldn’t wait to read it. I found out that there was a book signing in my area, but I had a final that night and couldn’t go. Luckily, my boyfriend went for me as a surprise!! He brought me back a signed copy of the book, and many a story to tell! According to my boyfriend, Brad Goreski is a wonderful, genuine, and incredibly humble individual, absolutely true to his reality television personality. My boyfriend, being as prepared as he is, brought copies of my blog posts about Brad, which you can read HERE and HERE, and Brad even asked if he could keep the copies!! In my book he signed, “Ferocia Fatale, Goodluck on your final!! Thanks for all of the love, Brad Goreski”

I can vouch that Brad is just as genuine, because later that night I tweeted him the picture of him with my book to thank him, and he actually tweeted me back!! He said he was so sorry I couldn’t be there, and that he hoped I did well on my final, and thanks for the love on this blog!! (Just another reason you should follow Ferocia Fatale on Twitter dearests!!) I have now been tweeted directly by both Brad Goreski and Gary Janetti, and I’m feeling pretty special!! They are a couple to watch, fingers crossed for a second season of Brad Brad World on Bravo!

…But back to Born To Be Brad! It gives readers a whole new side of Brad. What we all did not know about Brad Goreski, the hott new stylist of the day, is that he was just a small town kid from Ontario, and batted being an extremely flamboyant, overweight, homosexual child in a small suburban town. The struggle with identity eventually brought him into a bout with cocaine that lasted several years until he decided to clean himself up, and start his life over. As an almost thirty year old intern at Vogue he turned his life around, literally interning for a few summers at Vogue as a grown man amongst a sea of teenagers. Even if you weren’t a fan of his bow tie-loving-ways, you must respect him from working from the ground up to make his own dreams come true.

I love myself some Rachel Zoe, I really do, but girlfriend is from Short Hills and went to George Washington. Our friend Zoey wasn’t exactly hard up. I mean she worked hard, and snuck into fashion shows, and practically created the position of stylist, as Brad rightfully gives her props for in his book, but again, she wasn’t exactly hard up for cash. Short Hills New Jersey is one of the richest counties in America and is a stone’s throw away from New York, I know, because I’m from Jersey, ya’all! Brad was literally from the ground up, he comes from a small town in CANADA, far from New York, Hollywood, and any other fashion capital in the world, he doesn’t come from money, he doesn’t have relatives in fashion, nothing. Brad Goreski is exceptionally admirable, and not once has he used his former struggle with cocaine addiction to create publicity in the past. He is always fresh, moving forward, and doesn’t drag his past around with him. My respect for him is through the roof!

On the style end of the book, Brad has interspersed his book with tips like what every woman must have in her closet (a LBD, a great evening clutch, and a great day bag) to his travel dos and don’ts (don’t eat tuna fish, OR wear pajamas on short flights). Basically, reading this book is a DO!

Despite being in his early thirties, Brad has a great story to tell in Born to be Brad, one of being true to yourself, following your dreams, and looking good all the way!!

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