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Posted by on Mar 13, 2012 in Books and Movies, Katy Perry | 0 comments

Booky Wook I & II

My love for Russell Brand runs deep. Real deep. My family cannot stand him, few of my friends feel similarly, but boy do I love that man. Hilarious. His stand up makes me cry from laughing too hard, and his egomaniac rock star character Aldous Snow is incredibly funny, as well. I can’t get enough!!

I know a lot of people hold his years of heroin and sex addiction against him, but whatever! People change, and if it’s genuine, I am inclined to believe it. Brand has become a notorious spiritual yogi, meditating several times a day and discussing his desire for world peace and compassion on talk shows. Those who have worked with him laud his great energy and intelligence at every turn- Jonah Hill, Jason Segal, Dame Helen Mirren. I don’t know about you, if Dame Helen Mirren gives her seal of approval on someone, I am inclined to agree. I think he is great! I would love to chat with him. Not to mention I find him impossibly attractive, totally opposite of my general type, but I don’t know what it is, i’m into it!

This brings me to his books, Booky Wooks 1 and 2~! I picked up Booky Wook 1 before my adoration was in full swing. It was enjoyable, but I find Booky Wook 2 to be more entertaining. There are a lot of British references in Booky Wook 1 that are pretty far out, and if you aren’t familiar with British humor and the area of Essex in general, where Brand is from, I think it gets lost on you a bit.

Also, clearly Brand knows what a big interesting ordeal his heroin addiction would be for someone to read, he has to, I mean he wrote a book about it! However, I read the book almost feeling as if it’s passe for him, and truthfully, he did not really get into the nitty gritty of the drug experiences until he got to heroin. The only line from the book that stands out in my mind from the whole book is at the end of this passage,

“I’d sort of fallen in love with the warmth of it – the way it felt like crawling back into the womb. Heroin delivered. LSD does a bit, especially when all the things that are familiar to you peel away and you suddenly realise the fragility of how you normally see the world. Marijuana doesn’t really, although it’s a laugh for a while (I say that having smoked it constantly for a decade). Alcohol makes you sick and gives you a headache. Crack is like inhaling plastic, but so brief and flimsy and brittle as a high. Normal cocaine just makes you nervous, amphetamines are even worse, and ecstasy never really agreed with me. But heroin gets the job done.

Heroin gets the job done. That is one of the few parts of the whole book I found memorable. A lot of it is about his childhood, a lot of it is about the underground theater scene in England, but up until that passage I don’t feel like I got the true picture of his experience with drugs. The first book was just okay. Unfortunately in this day of explicit gore and drug rock n roll stories gone wild, it takes a lot to shock anyone these days. Brand’s first memoir was almost the absence of shock.

Then in Booky Wook 2, things really get going! The book is dedicated to Katy Perry, which of course makes me do a sad face now : ( It said “To Katy, this is my past…and you are my future.” UGH. Totally not over them! Anywho…

If you are interested in Russell Brand, the celebrity, the sex addict, the Kate Moss shagger, the VMA host, the boyfriend of Katy Perry, I mean all things mainstream Russell Brand really get going here! This is the place to start. Honestly, I wish I had skipped the first one. The second one is SO GOOD! It gets all into what a hott mess his stint as VMA host was both times, not to mention he has a hilarious bit attacking the subsequent death threats he received after hosting.

You get to hear about his wayward sex addiction, and what his fleeting romance with supermodel Kate Moss was like, I’m telling you it’s a seriously juicy read!

Towards the end he meets Katy Perry, and even though that story has been told a million times already on television, it’s still fun to read. What’s even more romantic is his description after they meet, when he gave her a copy of Book Wook, and inscribed in it, “You are a mermaid and I am drowning.” Oh man you guys, the romance. Seriously still not over Katy and Russell.

If you are interested in a juicy celebrity memoir, I would recommend you skip right over Booky Wook I and move on to Booky Wook II, and if you are looking for a gripping drug memoir I would still skip Booky Wook I, and go read Steven Tyler’s new book or Nikki Sixx’s memoir. I hear those are good!

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