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Posted by on Feb 28, 2012 in Travel | 0 comments

What’s Next in 2012

Well that about sums up my Las Vegas and Arizona posts-I hope you enjoyed them! I had a great time! The South West was an amazing experience, and it definitely gave me a hankering to go up to Utah and Colorado like never before! The West coast is so starkly different from New Jersey, the plateaus and canyons are something a Jersey girl has to see at least once in her life, am I right?

So if you know me at all, you KNOW that I am already ruminating about what my next trip is going to be. MAN THE WORLD IS BIG! I feel very free in the sense that I could honestly just pick a place and save up and go there-if you know that you can do that, you know you can do anything! However, I always feel the pressure to see everything before the clock runs out! There is so many places I want to go, it’s hard to choose!

For a while I was thinking I would head over to London this summer. I am disappointed in myself that, thus far, Europe is the place I most want to travel, but I have only been to one country. Plus, the area is so small, you should be able to conquer plenty of it in a short period of time! Therefore, I feel the urge pushing me to go back there. I was thinking that I would go mill around London, because it would require the least preparation, and I really want to check it out! I am dying to see Parliament, Big Ben, the London Eye! It looks beautiful! And juuuust once, I would like to feel like those privileged few who can afford to travel to Europe in the warmer months!

……THEN someone so kindly pointed out to me that the Olympics are this summer in London. This is both a good and bad thing, but mostly bad. I would love to be in London during a national event, when the city is buzzing and excited, to feel the sense of patriotism from the country! It would be lovely, I’m sure.

My wallet, however, would not like to be in London during the Olympics. Prices are INSANE! Not to mention London is notoriously expensive as it were. I also do not feel like elbowing tourists out of the way the entire time so I can be a tourist! I prefer my attractions empty!

So what I’m saying is London this summer….maybe not so much. I’m still thinking about trying to squeeze it in at the very end of the summer/beginning of September, maybe an early birthday gift to myself? The cost would be cut considerably if I stayed in a hostel, which I am considering. I think another English-speaking country is a great foray into hostels, and it could be a great experience!

There is a chance I will be going to Los Angeles in May, as well. My boyfriend jokingly mentioned that we should drive cross country to get there, clearly he really doesn’t know me at all, because if he did he would know I NEVER JOKE ABOUT TRAVEL. Within minutes I was seeing how much it is to rent a car for a week and what destinations I would want to hit on the way. Perhaps 2012 should be my year of USA?! I’m okay with that! There is plenty around here to see! I would LOVE to drive to Los Angeles! There are tons of middle America cities I want to visit, Cleveland, Chicago, Yellowstone Park. While I’m not sure this would be less expensive than going to London for a few days, I AM quietly kicking it around in the back of my brain!

And lastly….there is Italy. Sweet, beautiful, majestic Italy. Italy is the place I want to visit most in the world. I decided some time ago that it would be my great big gift to myself when I graduate with my Bachelor’s Degree, which has been a particularly long road (6 years to be exact). I have always known that I couldn’t just go to Italy for a few days. There are far too many cities! I need to go to Rome, and Venice, Tuscany, and Milan, and Florence, Sicily, Capri. I want to be consumed by Italy. I want Italy to swallow me whole. I want to wander around cobblestone streets in the Italian sunshine, have some gelato in the afternoon, get lost in the evening, eat Pasta for dinner. I am dying for Italy. It is the great big pay off at the end of this journey, and it is happening come hell or high water. If I don’t go to Italy in 2013 then I have died, because absolutely nothing is stopping me, if I have to spend every single penny in my bank account or not!

That being said, I would like to have some pennies left over after Italy, and there is a logical, practical part of my brain that is telling me that 2013 is next year already, and I need to take that into account and give it a freakin rest already! Perhaps, I will make it the summer o’day trips. I DO plan on hitting up Niagra this summer.

How much do you think renting a house/apartment/room in Italy costs for a month….? Or maybe I should do like a backpack hostel sort of tour…couch surfing? HmmMmmmM… So much to think about!

What are your 2012 travel plans!? Please comment, I want to hear them!!!


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