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Posted by on Feb 22, 2012 in Food, Travel | 2 comments

Happy (Belated) Mardi Gras…My First Trip to New Orleans

New Orleans, Louisiana will always occupy a little teeny space in my travel-loving heart. A weekend in New Orleans for a V-Day festival was the first trip I ever planned, and took on my own with a friend, as well as the first time I was ever on a plane.

When I was first beginning college, I was becoming immersed in Gender Studies and the feminist movement. I had begun listening to The Vagina Monologues during my commute to school, and luckily enough that was spring, in 2008, it was going to be the tenth anniversary of V Day! Every year hundreds, if not thousands, of universities around the country put on the Vagina Monologues to celebrate their womanhood, culminating in V Day. That year they were doing a huge celebrity-filled performance in New Orleans at the Super Dome, and it was going to be a weekend long celebration.This was clearly the perfect opportunity to drag my best friend on an adventure!

New Orleans, rich with culture, is the best first travel destination I could have ever imagined for myself. You can explore the beautiful and ornate French Quarter, buzzing with history and jazz.

New Orleans also provides a great culinary experience that traveling to other U.S destinations do not offer. There is so much amazing food to be had there, that you just cannot eat elsewhere! Jambalaya, crawfish, muffelatas, beignets. Ohhh the beignets. It’s worth going back there just for those powdered sugar confections alone.

I only spent time on Bourbon Street during the subdued hours of the afternoon- I’m not so adventurous to get down at night, drunken slobs aren’t really my style! Bourbon Street in the sunshine, however, is it’s very own personality anyway!

The New Orleans area is so vast, I would love to go back to explore more. I did not get to see the historic Garden District, with it’s Victorian life-size doll houses, as I was wrapped up in many a girl-power event. What I did see of NOLA, however, was a majestic city with a culture all it’s own.


  1. The VM anniversary event sounds like it was a blast! I remember my first V day in university, and it definitely made me walk taller & prouder :)

    • It was SO much fun. For this post I tried to really focus in on New Orleans and not the event, but I’m sure I will find away to sneak in some of the amazing pictures from that weekend’s festivities in a future post!! Eve Ensler was there, and the actual show/monologues was performed by celebrities, Jane Fonda, Jennifer Hudson, Faith Hill, Rosario Dawson. It was a powerful weekend. It was amazing!! I’m glad you understand, Erin!!

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