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Posted by on Feb 5, 2012 in Arizona, Travel | 0 comments

Sunset in Sedona

Thank god for this blog, because if not for everyone’s amazing travel suggestions, I would have never seen Sedona!! As our adventure continued, we drove from the top of Arizona, at the Grand Canyon, all the way to the bottom, Tuscon. Where we stayed in Tuscon was literally about 30 miles from Mexico, it doesn’t get much further South than that!

From the Grand Canyon to Tuscon you pass through many an Arizona city-such as Flagstaff, Sedona, and Phoenix. We had tons to see and not a lot of time to see it, but we could not pass up the chance to see Sedona!!

On the road to Sedona, by the way, there is a seriously scary insane drive down a cliff, which has 15mph turns because it is so steep. On a personal note, my boyfriend LOVES these extreme driving conditions, but had decided about an hour before we arrived at this cliff, that he needed to take a nap. I took the wheel, having no idea I would be DRIVING DOWN A CLIFF. Which of course probably looks like this:

But feels more like this:

I was totally terrified/exhilarated, and my man was totally bummed to have missed the opportunity, there certainly was no room to pull over and switch.  IT was the craziest drive of my life!

Sedona is a red rock canyon that is home to a little town turned tourist trap, and a spiritual vortex. Unfortunately, we did not get to go to the spiritual vortex this trip out, as our time was limited. It’s on the list for next time!

Sedona is breath taking. The view of the canyons at sunset will blow your mind. It’s not even possible to take in how remarkable it is. At sunsest the sky turns to bright orange and pink hues.

The views are astounding.

The only true disappointment to Sedona was what a tourist trap it has become. I get really annoyed when reading about tourist traps, for example, the Louvre is not a tourist trap, it’s a goddamn museum. The Colosseum is not a tourist trap, it’s a land mark! It really irritates me when people call historical attractions tourist traps, yes they probably sell overpriced souvenirs, so what? Here is what I REALLY consider a tourist trap:

Sedona has a stretch of cute shops and coffee houses that is very small, and from far away it looks very cute and like independent shops. We went into one shop that had a big sign “Historical Museum of Sedona”, I love history, so I was really excited to check it out. Inside, they hand you a piece of paper with some facts about Sedona, and then spend a half an hour trying to get you to buy a time share. When you finally escape the clutches of those vultures, you walk ten feet outside, and someone who appears to be a tourist says, “Hey, what did they try to get you to buy in there?” Thinking this is a simple question from one tourist to another, you answer, and then THIS GUY starts to try to sell you a time share!!!

These time share people are literally lining the street, and every fifty feet you run into one. It’s worse than a resort! THIS, friends, is what we call a tourist trap.

Regardless of these soulless time share vultures, you must stop in Sedona for the view. If you don’t, you will miss a serious panorama of beauty that cannot be described by mere words. Sedona was only a few hours South of the Grand Canyon, and less than three hours north of Phoenix, if you are in the area, be sure to check it out!!

Have YOU been to Sedona?? Tell me what you thought!

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