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Posted by on Feb 27, 2012 in Award Shows, Celebrities, Fashion Friday | 0 comments

Oscar Fashion 2012

Did ya’all watch the Oscar’s?? How CRAZY was the Dictator ash-bombing the Seacrest? You know that shhh was not scripted! I am 90% positive they even took him off reporting from the carpet because of it. I felt bad for him, it IS work, and it WAS a Burberry suit. Like him or not, I would be mortified! Regardless, you know we have to talk about the fashion. This year,  I was bored. I was mercilessly bored to tears. I wish that the Bjork of the night had more to do with crazy fashion and not the ashes of a Korean dictator. Hates it.

The whole night was a snoozefest. A lot of people played it far too safe. I had a hard time coming up with my Worst Dressed, and Glenn Close looked fierce, that’s the kind of carpet it was..when Glenn Close is the main attraction, you have a problem. But let’s do what we do, and talk about them anyway!

One of the first dresses I saw that I loved was Rose Byrne, she looked fierce!! Byrne wore a black sequin Vivienne Westwood dress that looked amazing on her!! The one shoulder and open back was divine!

Okay A LOT of people are dying over this emerald Vera Wang dress, I thought she worked it! The center seam, though, was really bothering me. I would have preferred if it had just gone straight down, without the seam. Also, the girls are out to say hello again! Reign it in, just a bit, girl!

Melissa Mccarthy looked, fine. I thought there was A LOT happening on top, jewels and gems and a color and a belt and sleeves! SO much happening. TONE IT DOWN! The color was cute. My friend pointed out that she looked confidant in it though, and that made her glow.

Also, there wasn’t enough Jewel Tones on the carpet, am I right? Here is another blase nude colored gown on a pale lady. Kristen Wiig, COLOR!!! COLOR GIRL! That dress would have looked incredible in Navy, or a deep plum. Bahh.

Can we discuss Penelope Cruz? A latina channeling Grace Kelly is….interesting. I thought the dress was just okay, and I would have preferred her hair in a big top knot or loose waves, or even a high pony? Anything but that weird hair curled under. Not a good look.

People are really upset over the Emma Stone look that definitely channeled Nicole Kidman, but I LOVED IT. I LOVED Nicole Kidman, when she wore it, and I LOVE Emma wearing a similar look now. As soon as I saw that big red bow, it definitely had Kidman written all over it, but I love Emma, she takes so many fashion risks. I would have liked her to do a bit heavier makeup, like when J.LO wore that red Gucci in a similar style to the Met Ball. A nice berry lip or something would have done the trick, but other than that, I just love her. She can do no wrong for me!

Gwenyth Paltrow looked beautiful, super duper modern, and gorgeous in white Tom Ford. She is a freak of nature.

I can’t decide how I feel about Jessica Chastain’s black Alexander Mcqueen dress! You guys will have to let me know what you think, because I am split..although I WILL say that I plan on doing my hair like that for my best friend Amelia’s wedding! Beautiful!

Guilianna Rancic was also a vision in white, a surprising hit color on the carpet tonight!! Her makeup was completely on point, and her hair was right out of the 1940s, perfect!

Shailene Woodley, a young actress from The Descendents, wore white, but in the most age-inappropriate way. This dress would look amazing on, say, Dame Diva Helen Mirren? Not on a young girl. Where is the fun? Where is the zsa zsa? Come onnnn.

When I first saw Sandra Bullock, I was very disappointed. Then she turned around, and everyone was like “HOLDUP!” The front was not fitted right, but the back was a party! She gets a free pass, for the back.

Surprisingly, I really loved Ellie Kemper’s dress by Armani Prive! I tend to love Armani Prive, and this copper color was stunning. I can’t believe I am saying that the Office receptionist was one of the best dressed at the Oscar’s, but she was..

One of the very few people that wowed me, like knocked me out of my chair, was Michelle Williams. What a vision!! Coral was such a good color to wear this season in a sea of white. I loved her look, she was a French couture princess. Beautiful. She is such a class act. Her style is timeless! There was only one person that knocked her out of Best Dressed which brings me to some awards of my own….

Biggest Risk: The Biggest Risk Award goes to Stacy Keibler in Marchesa. She has been playing it really cool on the red carpet in black and red very elegant numbers, but this year she was a vision in gold! While I am not a fan of giant rosettes on any clothing whatsoever, you have to give a girl credit for jazzing things up! You go, Stacy!

Most Predictable: Jennifer Lopez. Yeah, she looks great, except for the nip that’s almost popping out, but is this not EXACTLY what you would expect J.Lo to wear? It’s slinky, and sexy, and white and silver. Has she not worn this very dress like every time? Whatever.

Worst Dressed: There was a lot of bad dressed low grade actors on the carpet, but when I choose my Worst Dressed, I try to pick people that I think are main attractions. I am more than happy to tell you my worst dressed of the evening, and every evening of this Awards Season, is Rooney Mara. I cannot stand her. This is literally the same dress she has worn all season, only in white. I am tired of her. I cannot wait for these Dragon Tattoo movies to be over so that she fades back into oblivion where she belongs. Blegh all over her. 

Best Dressed: Angelina Jolie slays it on the red carpet. Every. Single. Time. I mean, there are no words. My eyes fell out of my head when I saw her. I don’t need to describe to you why this is perfection, because your eyes are doing it right now. The end.

WHO did you looove?

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