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Posted by on Feb 3, 2012 in Fashion Friday | 0 comments

Fashion Friday: Sequin Jumpsuit? A Do or Don’t??

At the SAG awards this weekend, there were a lot of great looks, and a lot of just okay looks. The one outfit that has really left a lasting impression on me, however, was Rose Byrne. Byrne, one of the shining stars of Bridesmaids, wore an embellished white sequin jumpsuit by Elie Saab on the red carpet. I really had to search my feelings on it, and finally concluded that:

A.) I seriously love jumpsuits

B.) I seriously love over the top sequin jumpsuits, in particular

C.) Rose Byrne is one amazing chick for taking such an insane fashion risk at such a serious award show!

While her hair is a little severe for my taste, I DO think her jumpsuit is siiiiick! You at least have to hand it to her that she instantly jumps out of you, and has a serious unique and memorable look. I love some red carpet risk-taking!

In doing my sequin jumpsuit research, I realized that i’m seriously obsesed with this trend. Can we talk Iman in gold glitter? Cannot handle it.

Gwen Stefani wore the same jumpsuit to a different event, and they BOTH look so freaking amazing, I won’t even attempt to pick a favorite. I needs to have them both.

Even Lilo can work a sequin jumpsuit, and if it turns her into a normal glamorous human being, it can do wonders for anyone, I’m sure.

J.Lo has worn one, but that comes as a surprise to no one.

What IS a surprise, however, is Marcia Cross dressing totally inappropriately for her age, in one. Weird. Would have been very fierce on someone else….I still love the jumpsuit, though!

I find this to be a mostly inappropriate look for ordinary people who don’t go to VIP night clubs and red carpets, the rest of us will have to stick to plain old solid color jumpsuits. But the verdict is that Rose Byrne is killing it, and I hope this trend continues for a looooong time! I think she looks great, and well, haterz gonna hate!

What do you think? Is it a do or a don’t?

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