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Posted by on Feb 10, 2012 in Fashion Friday | 0 comments

Fashion Friday: Affordable Spring Finds!

This week, it was requested that I do a more affordable, average-wallet-friendly fashion post, and I couldn’t agree more! Fashion absolutely is not just for the wealthy, and there are plenty of great looks out there for you! Let’s check out a few ideas for spring…..

Lately I have been really inspired to rock the blouse-look this spring. It’s cropping up everywhere!! I fell in LOVE with Kristen Bell’s blouse look when she was on Ellen last week (which, if you haven’t seen the amazing Sloth meltdown, let me draw your attention to this).

I am so head over heels for the blouse look I had a DREAM that I was hanging out with Kourtney Kardashian, and trying one of hers on! If you are a Kardashian fan, you know that they have been wearing blouses all season long. I’m dying for this look!

For that affordable find for this spring….point your wallet at Forever 21! I fell so in love with this polka dot blouse I did something I NEVER do: I BOUGHT IT ONLINE. I think this is the second time I have ever purchased clothing online. I am SO Excited!!! While I opted for the demure Navy, color blocking is HUGE this spring, which I will get to in a moment…and the pink is also a great choice! This item is less than $15.00!!! Now THAT is a look for less!! I want that blouse now!

Love Culture, another popular and incredibly cheap store at my local mall, also features similar blouse styles for less!

Speaking of color…color blocking is the biggest baddest spring look! Color Blocking is HUGE and EVERYWHERE. I personally prefer to wear all black, and use a pop of color on my lips or in my makeup, but this spring it ain’t even about the P.O.C! It’s about mixing big huge blocks of color in your outfit. Are you ready for this?

A great way to do this is in your denim. Wearing a bright red pant is all the rage this season, or a coral, or basically anything but boring blue! This red pant is featured on the Love Culture website, and would look great with a white top, if you’re afraid to work 360 degrees of color, or a nice orangey top, if you want to plunge right in! Shop Colors at Love Culture!

If you are a little scared of this trend, which I am, work the cerulean! While brights are the preferred method right now, get a bright blue shirt and pair it with white jeans. The whole trend is just about being bright and notice-me-gorgeous! Blue is a perfectly acceptable foray into it! Express has some amazing and affordable jewel-tones for color blocking to get you started! Shop Express!

Florals are huge this spring, but I’m not into it! So instead, I will discuss a tried and true trend that I love-the Maxi! I love maxi anything, and this year, skirts are the big thing! If you are tired of tugging at those hemlines, have no fear, the ankle-length skirt is back in a big way!

A new twist on this trend is to make the bottom half sheer, which is…interesting! If you are feeling frisky, get this AMAZE red maxi skirt that is pleated. Add a white button down and a big chunky belt, and you’re in business!! Or dress it down with a white tank that’s tucked in and some flip flops! There is something about the maxi dress and skirt that exudes effortless glamour to me!! To purchase either of these fab maxis, shop forever 21 here! For more information on how to style a maxi skirt, I found a very inspiring website that shows you how to style it over 200 ways!! Check out all the stylish inspiration from around the globe at Chictopia!

Spring Forward with some amazing new pieces to your wardrobe!! Which trend are you dying to try?!

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