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Posted by on Feb 17, 2012 in Fashion Friday, Hollywood | 0 comments

Fashion Friday: 2012 Grammy Edition

The Grammy celebrities are not big enough in my book to feel the need to live update them, however, there was some great fashion this year!! Shockingly enough, my absolute favorite was Fergie. A LOT of people disagree with me, and I understand why. It certainly is not a timeless, elegant, classy outfit. That being said, I feel like Fergie really kicked it old school, back when dressing for the Grammys was a big sexy, edgy event!! Fergie was wearing Jean Paul Gaultier orange couture that was flown in from Paris days before the show. She looked so ferocia!! Her gold jewelery accented the dress perfectly, and if she had not worn those black underclothes, it would not have looked nearly as edgy! I loved it!

Before we dive into Katy Perry’s look, was anyone else SO SHOCKED at her super bitter anthem to Russell Brand? I mean, she put it alllll out there, ‘you can keep the ring, it didn’t mean a thing.’ If you don’t think that song was about him, you’re out of your mind! Katy was wearing Elie Saab on the red carpet, one of my favorite designers, and she looked beautiful. I wasn’t a fan of the roots, and her chest was not supported well enough, but still a beautiful dress! She sparkled!

I am so tired of Nicki Minaj. I am a huge fan of her music, and if she just billed herself as the amazing rapper that she is, it would be such a relief. Instead, she goes to great lengths to create controversy, and rip off Lady Gaga at every turn. Arriving with the ‘pope’ in that ridiculous red riding hood outfit? PLEASE! Nicki, just beeee yourself! Hates it.

Rihanna looked INCREDIBLE! Seriously, for all the antics on the show, there really was some great fashion this year. She helped design her sexy black dress with Giorgio Armani, and her new blonde hair complimented the outfit. Rihanna looked so hott, she knocked it out of the park! THAT is an entertainer that does not have to resort to being ridiculous to be noticed.

Lastly, there was Adele, perfect, stunning, classic Adele. I’m currently obsessed with her hair color, and I wish she would have left the black sparkly number she was wearing in the picture above, all night, because after her performance she changed into another dress that was cute, but you could see her under garments-not okay! She looked classic and simply beautiful. Her outfit suited that voice- perfect!

There definitely was some seriously terrible looks, too. I don’t even really want to talk about them, because I feel like these people had to have known they were leaving the house in the worst dress conceivable, I mean a robot arm? Give me a break.

Also, I can’t forgive Chris Brown, I never will, and I can’t forgive the Grammy’s for turning this year into the Chris Brown show. He missed the awards three years ago because he BEAT RIHANNA TO A PULP. And this year he is taking up air time performing? No thank you.

What did you think of the Adele Awards-I mean Grammys??


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