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Posted by on Feb 16, 2012 in Arizona, Travel | 0 comments

A Great Day at the Tucson Desert Museum

The Tucson Desert Museum in Arizona, is the best tourist attraction in Tucson. A day at this museum is a great time for children, families, or simply anyone who has never been to Tuscon and wants to know more!

What I loved about this Museum is that it is part museum and part zoo. I am not a big zoo goer, because usually the set up is always the same, as are the animals. The Tucson Museum, however, was really unique and teaches people about the different terrain in Tucson, and the different animals!

One aspect that struck me right away was how interactive the museum is. As you walk the path throughout the museum, there are volunteers and staff standing at different stations with animals! I thought this was a really great way to educate people, and a really different way to present animals to the public! The first station we saw was a woman with a snake who teaches you all different fun facts about snakes and how they survive in Arizona. You are also free to pet the snake, and though it sounds trivial, I found it very refreshing to interact with the animals.

At the next station was a beautiful owl, and I don’t think I have ever seen one so close before! This is what makes the Tucson Desert Museum a really special place to visit!

Throughout the Museum you can walk through different areas that are made to resemble the countless different climates in Tuscon!

One portion we thought that was the most fun is the make-shift cave that is underground. You can walk through the cave, which is quite roomy..

OR you can crawl up a very tight space and walk through what they have simulated to look like a real cave! The area is dark and extremely tight to walk through, but very fun to explore!

There are tons of different animals throughout the Museum/zoo, and they really put the space together thoughtfully to optimize animal-viewing. I don’t think I have ever had a better view of animals! For instance, you know how every time you go to the zoo, you get excited to see the tigers, and every time they are sleeping somewhere as far away as possible? You are lucky if you can see the side of the animal from 100 yards away. At the Tucson Museum, they built a place, comfy and high up for the mountain lions to sleep and escape the heat, but they ALSO built a giant window on the other side of that! Hello Lions!

The Tucson Museum holds different events throughout the day, and the one we were able to catch was the Hawk Flight! Again, another reason why I fell in love with this place! In the middle of the day, the zoo keepers let an entire family of hawks flight around the air above a portion of the park. The hawks dipped low above peoples heads, and looked beautiful flying back and forth together across different points.

My favorite feature of the entire museum, however, is the HUMMINGBIRD CONSERVATORY! Has there ever been a better sentence?? Hummingbirds are absolutely the most adorable, fascinating, whimsical creatures on the planet!!! I have loved them for years since my grandmother kept a hummingbird feeder right outside her kitchen window.

This conservatory is a great experience. You walk through tons of hummingbirds flying around you, a spectacular sight and magical place for photos! It’s beautiful, and if you are into nature, I wouldn’t miss this experience!!

I had a seriously incredible time at the Tucson Desert Museum. If I ever make it back to Tucson, I will definitely be hitting it up again!

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