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Posted by on Jan 24, 2012 in Las Vegas | 0 comments

What Shows To See in Las Vegas: Your Guide to Burlesque and Cirque Du Soleil

You cannot go to Las Vegas without seeing a show….it’s sort of like being in New York as a new tourist and not catching a Broadway Play! Las Vegas is constantly  pushing the envelope  and creating the sexiest and gutsy shows across the strip, and here is your guide to them all…

If you have not seen a Cirque Du Soleil Show, A.) you must and B.) Las Vegas is a great place to start. There are currently two different Cirque shows in New York, countless shows touring, and many different shows in multiple major cities across the globe. Cirque is a brilliant idea, a circus for adults, one that has true acts of acrobatics and skill, but for grown-ups. Brilliant, and the result is usually stunning.

Las Vegas is a great place to go for your first Cirque Du Soleil show (or your tenth) because of the wide variety of shows it offers.

The cream of the crop in Cirque Du Soleil is the show “O” that plays at the Bellagio. “O” is Cirque Du Soleil at it’s very finest, taking place in and out of water. The tricks in “O” will blow your mind, not to mention the stage that rises in and out of water majestically. After already seeing countless Cirque shows, “O” still had me at the edge of my seat, wildly entertained, and it is an absolute must-see. O Tickets Here

If you’re a die-hard Beatles fan, however, you should point yourself towards the Mirage, and pick up tickets to “Love” the Beatles themed Cirque Du Soleil show! Cirque Du Soleil caters to tons of different musical icons, the Beatles and Elvis being two of them, throughout Las Vegas. The Beatles Love Show is irreverent, fun, an absolute joy to attend, and the entire show is one big animated Beatles musical. The performers make Beatles songs come to life, it’s a real pleasure for any fan!! Love Tickets Here

Viva Elvis is another show geared mostly towards fans, and I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re looking for a traditional Cirque experience. The show is hosted at the Aria, and brings the King to life. If you want to see Elvis in action, or the days of old Vegas, this one is a winner! It’s larger than life!!! Viva Elvis Tickets Here

For more traditional Cirque Du Soliel experiences, there is Ka and Mystere, both the run of the mill amazing acrobatics that Cirque usually provides.

Criss Angel Believe is not recommended, but if you’re a serious magic fan, or Angel fan, you may enjoy it. It has not gotten rave reviews, however, and is the weakest in the Cirque links.

Now on to the fun part….BURLESQUE! Cirque Du Soliel actually hosts a very sexy Burlesque show at New York New York, and it mixes the expertise of Cirque performances, makeup, costumes, and set design with the naughty erotic side of Burlesque! The show is risque, performed partially naked, and is full of fun surprises! For the sexier side of Cirque, definitely check Zumanity out!! Zumanity Tickets Here

At MGM they host the Crazy Horse, which is a more old-school Burlesque show. It’s fun and sexy, but in a more traditional way. It is more of a traditional cabaret than a modern burlesque show. The dancers are more akin to the rockettes, only with much more nudity. The constant play on lighting and sensuality is exciting, and highly sophisticated. If you’re looking for a more erotic but mature show, this one is for you!

For a more modern, fun spin on burlesque, Peep Show is my pick!! Peep Show is at Planet Hollywood, and it’s a great show for young couples to check out in Las Vegas! When I saw it Holly Madison was on vacation, however is her stand-ins role was any indication of what Holly does onstage-it ain’t much! Holly’s character just sort of stands around looking dumb-founded and giggling most of the time. However, see it anyway if you’re looking for a burlesque experience. They have everything from school girls to strippers on a pole, a cowgirl that swings over the crowd, to a new take on a bathtub burlesque favorite.

Have you seen any great shows in Las Vegas??? Tell Ferocia about them!!


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