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Posted by on Jan 29, 2012 in Arizona, Nevada, Travel | 0 comments

The Southwest Adventure continues…A Beautiful Day at the Hoover Dam

Being in Las Vegas was an absolute blast, but when we left Friday morning, the adventure certainly didn’t end there!! We hit the road early on Friday, but only after we grabbed some crepes at the creperie in the Paris-of course!!! If you visit the Paris you must have one of their $10.00 crepes, they are to die for! I was surprised that their savory breakfast crepes stuffed with eggs and cheese were just as good as the usual chocolate/nutella kind. MMMmmmmM Delish!

For the rest of our South West adventure, we rented a car at an actual rental location as opposed to Mccarran airport. Renting a car at the airport may be slightly easier, however you have the potential to save a ton of money if you look elsewhere. Prices at actual rental locations tend to be cheaper . The Hertz store that we rented our car from was a 20 minute cab ride away from the strip, but we saved HUNDREDS of dollars renting it there instead of the airport. When renting a car, or booking any trip really, make sure you dig around before you commit to something, the price difference is astounding.

I am usually a big planner, but for Friday evening we left our schedule open and didn’t commit to a hotel. We were not sure if we would end up in the Grand Canyon, or be done with the Canyon and half way to Sedona by Friday night; we thought better to just go with the flow! The Hoover Dam is only about an hour from Las Vegas, but we got a little lost so it took a bit more time. Here is where we flubbed a bit–we definitely did not leave enough time for everything.

Directly across from the Hoover Dam there is an amazing bridge called the Hoover Dam Bypass. We had no idea about this feature, we just thought we would check out the Dam and bounce. The bridge entrance is right next to the Hoover Dam, so you park for free, hike up a small hill, and can walk all the way across the bridge which gives you amazing photo ops. The Bypass/Bridge is over 2,000 feet long, and taking pictures and walking across it takes some time.

Needless to say, it’s not exactly the quick trip I thought it would be, but magnificent none the less! We also did not realize that there is a one hour time difference once you head into Arizona from the Dam, so we lost an additional hour. Are you getting the feeling we aren’t going to make it to the Grand Canyon that day? Yeah, I was too..

Regardless, the view from the bridge was beautiful!! You definitely cannot miss it!!

You have to pay a few bucks to park at the Hoover Dam, but the rest is free. Of course they have a gift shop and snack bar as well. Surprisingly, the food at the snack bar is really good, serving super fresh sandwiches (fresh for a tourist trap anyway.)

The Hoover Dam is fun to walk around, and the whole site is huge! For me, though, the real highlight was the view from the bypass.

Once we were done checking it out, we realized there is no way we were getting to the Grand Canyon. We decided to drive a few hours and spend the night in a small town called Williams, one hour south of the Grand Canyon.

The drive to Williams was breathtaking. I have always dreamt of driving through the canyons and plateaus of the South West. I am so happy to have that experience under my belt now.

Arizona is nothing like New Jersey, that is for sure!! We spent the night at a Best Western in Williams. There are tons of hotels in that tiny town, but the Best Western was a good decision. Their hotel staff was incredibly friendly, we experienced great service!

Have you been to the Hoover Dam? What did you think??

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