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Posted by on Jan 15, 2012 in Angelina Jolie, Christina Aguilera, Fashion Friday, Golden Globes, Nicole Kidman | 4 comments

Golden Globes Red Carpet Fashion!

Hey everyone!! Here are the Golden Globe Red Carpet looks as they are coming at me!

Claire Danes…..just okay……classic style, black and white…meh. Take it or leave it.

Kate Winslet is wearing a similar dress but with opposite colors! She looks very classy, very Kate.

Nicole Ritchie looks amazing!!! Perfect for a post New Years bash!! It’s very glamorous!!! Ritchie is rocking my favorite 1970s look- LOVE!!!

Ugh, I REALLY hate Kelly Osbourne’s hair, and I’m not a huge fan of her dress, either. It would have looked better if she stayed blonde!

Piper Perabo looks cray cray. It’s not the Oscar’s, and you’re not that big of a deal, so stop trying to have a Gwenyth Pink Dress moment! Also, the color washes her out.

 Jessica Chastain usually looks great, but she appears like she is choking to death thanks to her dress. Yucky!

Sarah Michelle Gellar’s dress is really weird, and sort of reminds me of a prom dress that you will regret wearing later, but I still like it for some reason. It’s just, delightfully weird.

Sofia Vergara looks incredible!!! This dress is unique, but has such a classic sillhouette, and the Navy suits her perfectly! I am really over the side hair trend, but other than that, it’s a 10!

Natalie Portman was a vision in pink!! No one else was werking that hawt pink like Portman!!! Beautiful!

Frieda Pinto looks like she is hiding a baby bump. Bryce Dallas Howard wore a similar dress when she was trying to hide her pregnancy! Do you have something to tell us, Dev Patel???

I think Mara Rooney has taken her Girl With the Dragon Tattoo character too far! She always looks like this now. It’s awful. Hates it.

Mila Kunis looks equally blah. I am not a fan of her hair, or this boring black dress. She’s a bore in Dior!

Charlize Theron looks like an African queen princess goddess. She is definitely in my running for Best Dressed. She literally looks like an angel.

GOD CHARLIZE! It’s not fair how beautiful she is!

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are the portrait of a regal American power couple. I’m not crazy about the dress, but it doesn’t really matter what she wears, she is amazing in everything/anything. They are the most important couple in Hollywood, it almost matters the most and the least what they wear.

Reese Witherspoon is absolutely beautiful!!! She is definitely giving off that happy honeymooning glow!!

Emma Stone also brought the glam–there were a lot of great looks on the red carpet this year!! Stone was wearing Lanvin in varying shades of purple, she is becoming quite the fashionista! I wish people would get inventive with their hair more, but other than that, a perfect 10!

My Best Dressed goes to Evan Rachel Wood. Evan Rachel Wood always takes great risks, and this one was an absolute hit!! She looks incredible, and she is rocking a color that no one else is wearing on the red carpet, and feathers!! I can’t get enough. I was in awe as soon as I saw her!

My Other Best Dressed goes to Salma Hayek!!! I love love love her look this year. She wore a black strapless Gucci dress with metal and gold detailing with her hair in a messy tousled look. Salma looked ferocious!!! One hot tamale!!

Lastly my other favorite is Jessica Alba, who stunned in this purple lacy number. I am a total sucker for a feminine greek goddess look, and Alba killed it!! As you may now, she is styled by my favorite man, Brad Goreski!

Also, I would like to put the ladies of Glee in their own Best Dressed Catagory, because they ALL knocked it out of the park. EVERY SINGLE ONE was incredible. Lea, Naya, and Diana, all unbelievable, daring and gorgeous pieces!

Michelle Williams looked….like an old lady… usual. She has that toxic combination of old lady and young girl mix in her fashion. Bleh. hates it.

Also Worst dressed is Tilda Swinton, but that comes as no surprise.

Tilda Swinton being worst dressed is sort of like a given, so as another actual surprising Worst Dressed, I would like to nominate Zooey Deschanel, who tried to channel the 1960s and failed. Not cute at all.

I want to sit down and have a very serious face to face conversation with Nicole Kidman. Why does she always get it wrong? I want to talk about it with her. I would sit her down very serious like, and say, “Nicole, you have the body of a model. You are super tall, and thin, and you look like a porcelain angel. You are basically a muse for fashion designers to create beautiful works of art on. Why do you always pick weird things? Why do you always pick colors that wash you out? What’s really going on here? Color can do great things.”

Well that’s the best of it folks!!! The best, and the best worst…? Whose your favorite tonight???


  1. GIIIRL you liked that dress on Naya? I just don’t understand it – the center seam is puckering! I do agree that Zooey is the worst dressed – I expected more from her

    • I agree about the center seam, which is a shame! I just liked the styling and overall silhouette, I thought it was a good look for her! Bleh to Zooey, it was just such a bad dress haha

      Who was your fave? #thatawkwardmomentwhenitmightbeoneofmyworstdressed haha just kidding!!

  2. I pretty much agree with you here. Piper’s dress & posing = embarrassing! Freida’s dress looked like a homemade disaster. Salma looks hot in anything she wears, and I think my favourite was Nicole! I know you said it washes her out, but I think she looks really ethereal, like a golden goddess!

    • I was surprised that a lot of people thought Nicole was Best Dressed, so you certainly aren’t alone!! I liked the gold detailing on her dress, and it fit her well, I guess it’s just the colors, I think it bothers me because there is a pattern of pale-picks haha. I will never forget that one red carpet where she wore this gorgeous red dress with that huge bow, and it was SO GLAMOROUS! And in Moulin Rouge she wore so much color and was so stunning, I want her in rich jewel tones!! What a disaster, though, that Piper!! Thanks for your comments!! I love hearing what others thought, fashion is such fun!

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