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Posted by on Jan 12, 2012 in Las Vegas, Travel | 0 comments

The Cosmopolitan, The Sexiest Casino in Las Vegas

Have you been seeing those Cosmopolitan commercials on tv? The ones where people keep getting on and off an elevator, in different, unusual set ups? It’s because the Cosmopolitan is an amazing, super sexy hotel that opened in 2005 but has since had a very massive update and over haul. The hotel, which is wedged between Bellagio and Aria, now features different restaurants with celebrity chefs, swanky bars, and amazing decor!

If you are anything at all like me, you will absolutely choke over the glam that is the Cosmopolitan. While I did not get to survey a room, the decor of the entire hotel is stunning and way way over the top. I was Dorothy in Oz, a maze of glitter, glitz, and sparkle!

The entrance of the casino begins with tons of chandeliers, sassy fringe, and marble floors with chunks of glitter.

Everything is pink, purple, or black, it’s an absolute dream for any girlie girl.

Down the center of the casino is a giant chandelier with thousands of crystal beads, and in the center of the Chandelier is actually a lounge attached to a bar called ….wait for it….Chandelier!

The entire Cosomopolitan is very saucy with a naughty attitude, as if the whole hotel is winking at you to turn the corner and do something bad.

The whole hotel is just delightfully weird, for example these giant steam-punk-esque telescopes with gears and copper in the center of the lobby, or the fooseball table with the figures traded in for barbies and priests. It’s just….thoughtfully unusual.

If I haven’t got you absolutely convinced that you need to stay here, let me turn your attention, ladies, to the GIANT SHOES that are interspersed throughout the hotel.

Yes, that’s right, GIANT shoes! Can you even take it??

If you’re worrying about how you’re going to convince your uber manly boyfriend to stay here with you, the third floor has a lounge with lots of 1970s shag chairs, lots of orange and leather, and a pool table! You can just walk up and play for free, along with a few other parlor games.

Even the lobby makes you feel awe-struck, because the whole lobby is made up of giant pillars with floor to ceiling LCD screens that play bubbles.

The pool is on the top floor, and while it was closed during my visit (January does not a swimming vacation make), it looks amazing!! Can you imagine lounging in your bikini on the top of a building on the Las Vegas strip? Yes please.

The Cosmopolitan will definitely be my hotel of choice on the next trip out, i’m totally in LOVE!

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