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Posted by on Jan 29, 2012 in Award Shows, Fashion Friday, SAG Awards | 0 comments

Screen Actors Guild Awards…the dazzling 2012 Red Carpet!

It’s that time of the season again, thank you Red Carpet gods!!! You all know the red carpets are my favorite thing to talk about- let’s dish!

Literally the first star I saw Guiliana interview on the red carpet was Viola Davis, who looked like she took the express train from heaven to get there. SO BEAUTIFUL!!! Davis wore a white strapless, billowing Marchesa (my FAVORITE), with gold detailing on the waist. Like, the girls are a little too far out, but i’m okay with it. She looked like perfection. THAT is how a star dresses, friends! And that white against her skin? Honey! I  seriously can’t take it.

Michelle Williams is usually not my favorite red carpet clothes horse, but looked ravishing in red Valentino. Lace backs are popular this season!! The red lace detail is so delicate and classy, just like her!

Kyra Sedgewick is also in red wearing Pucci, and is one hot mama!! That backless dress could kill a man! Werk it girl!

photo credit People.comDiane Lane looks like she is going to prom.

photo credit People.comIf I was on a red carpet, I would be wearing Ashlee Simpson’s look. I don’t know why she is at the SAG awards since she is totally not important, but I LOVE this 1920s look. Dripping in sparkle, she looks like a glamor goddess.

photo credit People.comI like Kaley Cuoco’s dress. It’s pretty and delicate, and her hair is perfect with it. Not a best dressed nominee for me, but still cute.  She’s young, she can do it!

How about my favorite Glee ladies??? Lea Michele is on fire!! I love her fashion choices. She looks gorge in Versace, legs for days!!

Naya Riveria looks great, but too much like Lea Michele at the last SAG awards…this to me is an extra big no no because Naya and Lea are on the same show. I don’t know, too similar for my taste!

Dianna Agron looks beautiful!! I love her fuschia dress, it’s young and fresh! Fuschia is a popular color this year! This look is stunning!!

Sofia Vergara also did fuschia. She wore something form-fitting to show off her curves- how new and different. Bleh. I’m over her.

Oh man I hate Kristen Wiig’s red carpet choices. For the Golden Globes she wore a nude slim fitting dress, and for some reason she chose the same thing today!! The color is choking her, and with such a high collar on her dress, she looks like a dog on the loose! The Balenciaga dress would have looked beautiful without that awful jewelry.

Brangelina. It doesn’t get any better than them, they are the highlight of any red carpet.

Emma Stone looked amaze, as usual. Her young, fresh look always translates, she makes the best red carpet choices!! Absolutely beautiful, and I love that she embraces her youth! Always sassy and age-appropriate!! She is a Hollywood stunner!!!

Ellie Kemper, who plays Erin on the Office, was my worst dressed of the night. Ellie looks like she stepped right out of 1992. Terrible. You can see every bulge, every ripple, the color is awful. Terrible all around. Worst Dressed!!

Tied with Ellie for worst dressed, in a similar style, is Shailene Woodley. I have no idea who this person is other than being in The Descendants, but WHAT A HIDEOUS DRESS! What on Earth would make you choose this??? YUCK!

I also can’t stand Amber Riley’s dress. That is not a good place to put a giant bow!! Not a fan! I think it cut her in all the wrong spots, it made her look short and large. Poor girl!

As for my Best Dressed….Viola Davis!!! 1000 times YES to Viola Davis. I am in LOVE with this look! She is wearing my favorite red carpet designer, Marchesa, and doing it every bit of justice. I ADORE it. The white chiffon against her skin is seriously magnificent, and the gold lace detailing, how incredible?? Davis blew me away. Other faves were definitely Lea Michele, Michelle Williams, and Dianna Agron!

All photo credits of

Who did you LOVE and LOATHE?? Comment and tell me all about your favorites!!!

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