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Posted by on Jan 16, 2012 in Bravo, It's A Brad Brad World, The Rachel Zoe Project | 0 comments

It’s A Brad Brad World Part II

I got a TON of hits on my blog for peeps looking to learn about It’s A Brad Brad World! It turns out that just like me, you guys are obsessed with Brad Goreski!!! I am so glad you all see the wisdom of his ways. After FINALLY catching up on Brad’s first episodes, I have to express my love for his fabulousity.

First of all, again, SO PLEASED he has his own show! His hilarity thus far has not disappointed me. When he turns bright red meeting Keri Hilson, I could totally sympathize! I don’t want to see celebrity stylist looking so calm and collected around celebs, I want someone to turn bright red and be flustered just as I would be, and Brad gives me that!

Can we talk about Gary Janetti, Brad’s boyfrenn? Because i’m literally obsessed with him. Of COURSE I follow Brad Goreski on Twitter, and when he tweeted that we need to add his boyfriend on Twitter, OF COURSE I DID IT, because i’m going to do everything Brad tells me to do (obvi.) Gary Janetti may seem a bit gorgeous yet quiet on the show, but his tweets are absolutely hilarious. He doesn’t play any of that retweet complicated twitter jargon, he just tweets the FUNNIEST things, you should seriously add him. Just like in the last post I gave you some of my favorite Brad-isms, here are some of my favorites from @Garyjanetti:

  • “Well is it fucking Maybelline or not?”
  • “Hi, who do I speak to about returning Katherine Heigl?”
  • “How old does someone have to be before you can officially call them an asshole? Please say five.”
  • “I have never overheard a conversation that made me think “wow, what interesting people!”

If that hasn’t convinced you to add him, nothing will. Also, I tweeted about how amazing his tweets are, and he thanked me! So basically what I’m saying is we are best friends.

Back to Brad….I’m glad he is taking the high road with this Rachel Zoe drams. I feel like his angle is more believable than hers. I mean when he was on the show, he was clearly a career person, looking to move forward in the world, looking ahead to create brand after his time at Rachel Zoe. DUH he’s going to quit after a while, that’s what ASSISTANTS DO, RACHEL!

She tried to say on the first episode of this season’s Rachel Zoe Project that Brad came to her and told her he was leaving to spend more time at home with his dogs, and then he turned around and created a business and got a television show–I don’t believe that for a damned second. I 100% believe that Brad gave her two months notice, and she got pissed that he was leaving to become successful on his own. We all know girlfrenn can hold a grudge-can we say Nicole Ritchie?? Brad is also still friends with Joey Malouf, Rachel’s boyfriend in waiting, which I think shows that Brad is not the villain here, Joey wouldn’t stay friends with him if he had really down true harm to her company.

Can we discuss Brad’s Dolce and Gabbana sequin jacket that turned from silver to black when you pushed the sequins over? I literally fell out of my chair. It is definitely my favorite piece of menswear I have ever seen.

In case you are wondering, it is the SAME sequin jacket that Beyonce wore in purple when she announced her pregnancy at the American Music Awards. Any man that rocks the same look as Beyonce is A++++ in my book.

Also, did anyone else think they were on crack for trying to put Keri Hilson in that Geoffrey Beene Green number? That was terrible, and I feel like I could buy it at Love Culture for ten dollars. Certainly not an outfit for the MET ball!! I’m so glad they went with the Versace story! Loooooves.

I am SO glad this show is on Bravo, and I can’t wait for the next, I definitely think Brad is the next big thing!!! What did you guys think??

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