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Posted by on Jan 27, 2012 in Clothing Swap, Do It Yourself, Events, Fashion Friday | 2 comments

Fashion Friday: How To Throw A Ladies Clothing Swap!

Swapping Clothes Never Looked So Fab!

Hi dolls! This is going to be a very budget-recession-friendly Fashion Friday, taking a slight detour from my normal celeb-infested fashion items. Recently I had the pleasure of attending a girls day-in, in the form of a clothing swap! I had honestly never heard of such an idea before, and I was really amped!!

Shoes Under The Tree, a Coat and Fashion Bag on the Manequinn

A great friend of mine Lindsay was hosting, and the instructions were impossibly simply–bring whatever fashion items you no longer want or have never used, bags, clothes, jewelry, shoes, scarves, absolutely anything! All the ladies would bring their items in, and we would swap with one another, and all of the items left over that no one had chosen would go to goodwill or a local shelter!

Racks full of great clothes for the taking!

I had no idea what to expect when I got there, but can I tell you, my friend Lindsay never disappoints!! I thought we would all hold up items from our bags and (perhaps awkwardly) see if anyone wanted it, thankfully, this was terribly far from the truth!

Scarves and Pants table at our Ladies Clothing Swap!

Lindsay had set up racks and hangers, and when you came in you simply hung up your stuff on the different racks and even a couple mannequins! One rack for dresses, one for shirts, one for tanks, we had a table set up for shorts and pants, and scarves hung all over the place!! It was so much fun, and set up so professionally, like a big girlie mecca of giving!

A mirror and partition, to keep you feeling fabulous!

A make-shift dressing room was also set up with a partition to try things on!

All the girls arrived at the same time–so even if you felt awkward about people seeing what was yours, we all hung up our stuff as each person arrived, so it was really easy to feel anonymous. There were about 8 girls, and let me tell you, that amounts to A TON OF CLOTHES!

You can turn almost anything into a jewelry rack! No antlers? No problem.

Now, you might be wondering to yourself, what kind of great finds could I possibly get from someone else’s used sweaters and old shirts? Well think about this–you certainly want to bring things that you don’t wear any longer or just sit idly in your closet, but you want to make sure that this stuff is in good condition. You don’t want to be the only person who shows up with hole-y sweaters and t-shirts with pit stains, that would be so embarrassing–so you bring good stuff- even GREAT stuff that you just don’t rock anymore. Think about 8 super fashionable girls, bringing their best used fashion items….

A Whole Table of great denim finds!

Ladies……at this clothing swap there was BCBG dresses with the tags still on them!! There was Gap, Guess, BCBG, Lucky Brand Jeans, Club Monaco, White House Black Market, Express, Forever 21, Steve Madden shoes, I mean there was some seriously top-notch stuff, and some with the tags still on it, absolutely brand-new, never been worn before! Sooooo Cool!!

A great time to mingle, shop, and drink with your girls!

After everyone had arrived and set up, we just let loose, and wandered around checking out clothes and trying stuff on, sort of as if you and all your girlfriends are shopping in your own-make-shift thrift store for free! It was just like shopping-without the giant bill at the end!! Of course we turned it into a great opportunity to catch up, have brunch, and drink mimosas, too!

Why didn't anyone tell me that wearing a poncho is like a snuggie but way more fashionable/acceptable? This one is hand-made!

Another great thing about a ladies clothing swap is that you get to own things that you might have not purchased in a store, but always wanted to try! For example, I might never have actually tried a poncho on, but got one at the swap for free, and I love it! I was really feeling the girl-power that day, and it was fun encouraging each other to try stuff on and look fabulous, and celebrate how faboosh we all are!!

Here are just a few more of the stellar finds I got from our New Years Ladies Clothing Swap:

I have been dying for a Chanel-esque blazer, how perfect is this?

I'm all about blazers, and this one was in mint condition! I'm thinking jeans, nude pumps, and a white shirt?


These Tweed shorts with lace detail from Express are everything! Perfect staple piece-and they have never been worn before!


While the photo-quality is a bit poor, this teal blue strapless tube top was never-before-worn and absolutely FABULOUS on me! Looking forward to May already...!

This is a great example of a piece I got at the clothing swap that I would never have purchased on my own. I'm thankful for this swap--I look great in this flannel, and it's so comfy! I didn't even realize til I got it on, it's Guess!

So how DO you throw a successful clothing swap? Based on this experience, here are my tips:

1.) Set up a great space-the better the space, the better the clothes will look, and the guests will be uber impressed. Plenty of racks/tables also ensures that  girls aren’t tripping over each other to get to the items!  Spread the goods out!!

2.) Encourage your most fashion-forward friends to attend, and invite them to bring friends too–as long as they bring clothes!! The more clothes, the better!

3.) Have plenty of stuff to give away yourself! My hosts certainly filled up plenty of the racks before we had arrived, and I think that’s important, in case your guests were shy about bringing stuff–luckily we weren’t!

4.) Let people hang their own stuff up anonymously, and everyone should peruse anonymously-don’t force people to take your stuff, or make them feel pressure to take your stuff!

5.) Make sure the rest goes to good will!! – Get some good karma and drop all left-overs off to donation!

Do you have any tips on great clothing swap, or an experience you’d like to share? Comment below, and let me know!! Happy Swapping Ladies!


  1. I have heard about these parties, but have never been to one. Throw in some wine & it sounds like a perfect evening :)

    • Thanks for the comment, Annette! It was SUCH a blast, and very eco-friendly!! Nothing went to waste! Wine is definitely in order, or for brunch time as we did it, there is always mimosas!! : )

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