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Posted by on Jan 15, 2012 in Holidays, Las Vegas, Travel | 0 comments

A Winter Wonderland at the Venetian

It seems that as soon as December 26th hits, all of the Christmas decorations and signs of cheer go right back into the attic where they came from. Everyone got their gifts–and their over it. That is what made the Winter Wonderland at the Venetian so magical.

The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas is a spectacular gigantic wonderland as it is–you can be lost among the shops for hours, eat in the finest restaurants, take a gondola ride around, and not see the sun for days. This year, they have taken the time to turn the Venetian into an extra cheery place, making quite the spectacle!

There is a mammoth White/silver Christmas tree in front of the Venetian entrance, covered in tiny lights. At night this gorgeous tree lights up and changes colors thanks to those tiny lights! It is a beautiful sight!

Also at the entrance to the Venetian are beautiful flags and garland, all kinds of winter decorations! The whole setting really reminds you that this is a magical time-even if there aren’t any more gifts to look forward to!

Inside, they also had one of the only displays for Chinese New Year, which is coming up soon–which is basically as a big a deal to Asians as Christmas is to Americans.

The Chinese New Year display was very beautiful! It’s the year of the dragon peeps!

The Venetian is famous for it’s moving statues, a sight you will sometimes see up and down the strip because people are trying to rip off tourists. What is nice about the Venetian, is that they employ these people, so while tips are still appreciated, it appears as if the Venetian has also compensated them, as they are much nicer dressed, look more professional, and less like pan-handlers.

The same is true for the winter wonderland performers outside of the Venetian, they are employees of the hotel and are more than happy to take a picture with you!

The performers include a giant puppeteer whose puppet kind of looks like Jesus, but upon interrogation is actually just a “Winter King.” There is also jugglers, dancers, and fun people on stilts!! The whole scene is a lot of fun!! In case you have kids, which surprisingly we saw a TON OF, there is even a moderately priced ice rink created just for this event!

The Venetian Winter Wonderland has helped to convince me that Las Vegas is a great winter destination–all of the cheer and fun, with a splash of sunshine, perfection!

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