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Posted by on Dec 11, 2011 in Fragrance | 0 comments

Wintry Ferocia Fragrances

This may come as a surprise to new readers, but I actually used to work at a fragrance counter at a large luxury department store! It was fun when it was fun, picking out fragrances for people and finding the perfect perfume for them based on their tastes was such a fun experience. I loved being knowledgeable and people tell you what type of fragrance they usually wear, or what notes they like, and you help them find something perfect, I really enjoyed it.

If that was all retail was about, I could have done it forever. Of course, they don’t really care about how many people you helped, they care about how much product you sold and how many clients you made and how many credit cards you got on file. LAME! I couldn’t handle the pressure to convince people they should give me their phone number and personal information so that I could later call them to see how their fragrance was doing, but really to sell them more stuff!

I got all of these from working at a Fragrance Counter! There are a few not pictured, as well!

In any event, it was a great experience, I learned a TON of stuff, and I got SO MUCH SWAG!! I got countless bottles of designer perfume. Every time you made a goal, or sold a new fragrance, or the counter made their monthly goal, or really anything happened that included the word “goal”, you got to go up to the stock room and pick out an unopened bottle of perfume of your choosing! This stock room was what heaven must look like for perfumiers. There was a huge floor in what looks like an attic of the store, and countless racks of perfume, what a dream!! To go up there and pick a fragrance to take home was such heaven!

Clockwise from top left: Marc Jacobs Lola, Hanae Mori, Chanel No.5, Angel Innocent, Armani Code, Aqua Di Goia, Gucci Flora, Buberry Classic. Not Pictured: Burberry Brit, Versus Versace, Vera Wang Look

So I decided to suggest some of my favorite winter-friendly fragrances! Some of my favorite spicy, woodsey, or hearty scents! February just does not seem like an appropriate time to be wearing a light citrus, don’t you agree? You need something bold and warm! MMMM! Let’s get started….

One scent I have started wearing now that winter is upon us is my Armani Code for women. This is appropriate at night during spring and summer, but during winter you can wear it all day. While there are some very light fruit notes, the top note is ginger, and it dries down into a nice spicy scent with a hint of musk, and vanilla. It is a super warm, wonderful scent that I love for winter!!

I also try to only wear scents that are heavy in vanilla during the winter time. My Hanae Mori is another winter favorite, it has a very warm, wintry scent, a blend of florals, fruits, and wood, with a lot of vanilla, and a bit of almond. It is a nice fresh scent for winter, if you can’t handle the spice! Those are my two favorite winter fragrances that I owned. Here are some other great scents I love:

But if you CAN handle some spice, Prada Amber is hot! L’eau Ambree is a sexy night time scent, with amber, vanilla, musk, and sandal wood oil, to name a few. It’s a beautiful, sexy scent for a hot night out in this cold winter weather!

If you need a more classic staple to your scents, Opium is a time-tested classic, but this one is VERY heavy, so beware! Only a very brazen, sexy woman can wear this without smelling like you’re approaching your eightieth birthday! It is a very smokey, sexy scent with heavy bergamot, amber, patchouli, and vanilla notes.

I believe the only exception to this winter-fragrance rule is Chanel. Chanel is classic, absolutely any time of the year!! Chanel number 5 has been around since 1921, and it’s still an absolute must-have. The notes are Ylang-Ylang, Neroli, Jasmine, and Sandalwood. It is a perfect, floral, fresh, classic scent. Every time I think about it, I just think classic. If I ever run out of my million and one bottles of perfume, you can bet I will only be wearing Chanel after that!

Happy Fragrance Hunting! Here’s to a great season of smelling amazing!

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